Methane Business on the Rise in Illinois

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A recent economic analysis presented by the Environmental Defense Fund revealed that there are currently hundreds of methane-mitigation facilities across the country that are saving $1.8 billion each year in wasted methane. Around 60 percent of the methane-mitigation businesses are small businesses that pay workers handsomely for their services. This report also identified Illinois as […]

Kickstarter Bringing Big Rewards to Illinois Businesses

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Small businesses throughout Illinois have found significant success through the use of Kickstarter, the nation’s leading crowdfunding website. Take, for example, the former owners of the Bang Bang Pie Shop in Lincoln Square, Chicago. The owners had dreamed of opening a storefront for their business through the creation of a local area pie shop. They […]

Assistance Available to Small Businesses in Construction Industry

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The Illinois Tollway and Illinois Community College Board recently announced that the Workforce and Professional Development Institute (WPDI) of the College of Lake County (CLC) would be named the fourth Northern Illinois location to provide services and assistance to small businesses operating in the construction industry through the Construction and Business Development Program (CBDC). The […]

Difficulties Faced by Small Businesses in Illinois

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Illinois is considered one of the most difficult states in which to conduct business operations. The reasons for this difficulty include the high costs and barriers of entry into the market, such as the high taxes and licensing fees imposed by Springfield. Various complaints about the business climate in Illinois include the arguably unnecessary reporting […]

Potential End to U.S. Export-Import Bank May Impact Illinois Exports

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Illinois is one of the top five states in the nation when it comes to exporting services and goods abroad. In fact, the state exports over $66 billion in services and goods each year, allowing international trade to account for 10 percent of the state’s total economy. Part of the reason that states such as […]

Governor Quinn Signs New Law Targeting Patent Trolls

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Patent trolling is the process of sending misleading demand letters to a business and claiming that the business committed some act that violated the patent owned by another business or person. The letters typically demand that the business either cease the allegedly illegal patent violation or that the business pay royalty fees for continued use […]

Ban the Box and Pregnancy Protections: Employer Action Restrictions

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The new Illinois law titled Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act (Act), also known as the Ban the Box Initiative, is a new law that will allow job seekers with past criminal histories to apply for jobs without allowing their past to get in the way of finding gainful employment. The Act, which will take effect […]

The Effects of the Hobby Lobby Decision on Small Businesses

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The United States Supreme Court’s (SC) ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby has had a polarizing effect throughout the United States. While some celebrate the decision as providing expanded legal protections for a business owner’s religious freedom and liberty, opponents attack the ruling as being antiquated and devastating to women’s reproductive rights. Others cannot wrap […]

Guerrilla Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

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Guerilla marketing a is business strategy that uses non-traditional low-cost means in order to draw attention to a product, idea or service. In the past, guerilla marketing tools included flyer postings, graffiti, and sticker/ad bombings. However, in today’s digital age, guerilla marketing techniques have expanded to the use of social media networks, such as Instagram […]

Report Finds Female Entrepreneurs Happier than Male Entrepreneurs

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In mid-June, Babson College and Baruch College issued their 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report. While the report was focused on entrepreneurs of all ages and sexes, the researchers made an interesting finding about the well-being and disparities facing entrepreneurs. Researchers discovered that established female entrepreneurs/business owners personally ranked their well-being as being twice […]