Upcoming Small Business Workshops in Illinois

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This year, Carbondale’s Illinois Small Business Development Center/International Trade Center (ISBD), located on Southern Illinois’ University of Carbondale campus, will be hosting an assortment of “Starting a Business in Illinois” workshops at different sites throughout the state. At these sessions, instructors will be discussing the essential elements for a business startup in Illinois. The specific topics […]

Security Firm to Advise New Illinois Medical Marijuana Businesses

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It is expected that at any moment the state of Illinois will officially issue the first licenses to allow entrepreneurs to sell and grow medical marijuana in the state. Of course, with departing Governor Pat Quinn leaving office without awarding any licenses, the decision is now left to incoming Governor Bruce Rauner, which has left […]

Lessons for Small Businesses Following the Sony Hacks

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Recently, the news has been full of the information obtained from data leaks that resulted from cyber attacks on Sony Entertainment. Beginning this past November, hackers believed to be backed by North Korea began leaking embarrassing internal emails and other private Sony information and data to the public. Though small businesses are typically not the […]

Recruiting Tips for Attracting the Best Millennial Workers

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As more millennials enter the job market, their academic accomplishments make them attractive—especially when compared to existing market participants. While companies that are top industry players with impressive revenue streams assume that young talent will automatically flock to their business, the reality has shown something different. This is because businesses do not understand the driving […]

Chicago Raises Minimum Wage While Illinois Wage Increase Stalls

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The minimum wage debate at the state, local, and federal level has swept the nation and resulted in some interesting developments for businesses in Illinois. At the beginning of December, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with aldermen of the Chicago City Council, approved the decision to raise Chicago’s minimum wage to $13 an hour by […]

What Does the New Republican Led Congress Mean for Small Businesses?

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The power shift that has occurred as a result of Republicans gaining control of the U.S. Congress could provide small businesses in Illinois much needed relief with regards to federal taxes and other regulations. However, though Republicans have gained a majority, the possibility of new laws and reforms being passed could be impeded by both […]

Flexible Service Levels Agreements: Fostering Trust and Commitment

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Service level agreements, or SLAs, are contracts entered into by service providers and an end user—typically another business. Both large and small businesses utilize SLAs with service providers, though at least arguably it is the larger businesses who possess more bargaining power when contracting under SLAs. In addition, SLAs are out-based contracts that exist primarily […]

Private Retirement Savings Program Provides An Edge for Small Business

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The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program, also known as Senate Bill 2758, is a proposed amendment to the Illinois State Finance Act that, if passed, could provide millions of Illinoisans with a new way to hold secured retirement savings on their own terms. This retirement savings program has garnered a great degree of positive support […]

Disabled-Access Lawsuits against Small Businesses on the Rise

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In recent years, small business owners have faced an increase in disabled-access lawsuits filed by non-patrons of their business. In fact, from the beginning of 2014 through June 30, 2014, 1,939 lawsuits were filed under the section of the federal disability law that provides enhanced accessibility requirements for all public places, including small businesses. This […]

Small Business Owners Not Flocking to New Health Care Exchanges

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Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), businesses with less than 50 employees are not required to provide healthcare coverage to their employees. However, because of the ACA, there are now additional small business health insurance options available to employers, and employees can also obtain individual coverage through the federal health care exchanges, and soon through state-based […]