CEO or President: Choosing Corporate Titles

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose; by any other name would smell as sweet.” These words of William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet, despite being more than 400 years old, may still ring very true for small business owners. Corporate titles can be confusing but can be an important part of a company’s professional […]

Important Considerations for Opening a Second Location

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As a successful business owner, you understand the hard work and dedication that your company’s profitability has required. You have put in the long hours, worked tirelessly to understand your customer’s needs, and then dedicated yourself to meeting them. So, what now? I hear similar questions quite often from many of my clients, as they […]

Naperville Lawyer Highlights Helpful Resource: the Illinois Small Business Development Center

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When you start or run a small business, you may have several logistical concerns. Some may be best dealt with by seeking the advice and assistance of a business law attorney. However, there will be times when it is appropriate to reach out to community resources specifically designed to assist small business owners. One such […]

New Illinois Small Business Retirement Plan Signed into Law

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Traditionally, the benefits employees receive beyond certain minimum wage requirements have been a matter determined through negotiations between businesses and their employees. However, a new Illinois law will change that for many small businesses. This new employment law will change the face of retirement benefits. New Law Will Create Retirement Plan Requirements, Even for Some Small […]

Whole Foods Market Partnering with Illinois Small Businesses

Whole Foods Market partnering, Illinois small business lawyer

With the closing of Dominick’s grocery stores in locations throughout Illinois last year, the health food retail giant Whole Foods Market saw an opportunity to expand its existing operations in the state. In addition to taking over some of the closed Domnick’s grocery store locations, Whole Foods has also partnered with the City of Chicago […]

The New U.S. Small Business Efficiency Act

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The Small Business Efficiency Act of 2013 (SBEA), also known as Senate Bill 479, is a federal law that was recently signed into law by President Obama after first being approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and then by the U.S. Senate. This bipartisan endeavor was introduced by Senator Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, […]

Spotlight: The Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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The Illinois Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a private nonprofit organization that works hard to protect and promote Illinois’ business climate. Created in 1919 by 24 Illinois business leaders, the ICC has championed business owners and their rights for decades. Unlike local chambers of commerce, the ICC works on impacting change and representing businesses at the […]

Upcoming Small Business Workshops in Illinois

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This year, Carbondale’s Illinois Small Business Development Center/International Trade Center (ISBD), located on Southern Illinois’ University of Carbondale campus, will be hosting an assortment of “Starting a Business in Illinois” workshops at different sites throughout the state. At these sessions, instructors will be discussing the essential elements for a business startup in Illinois. The specific topics […]

Security Firm to Advise New Illinois Medical Marijuana Businesses

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It is expected that at any moment the state of Illinois will officially issue the first licenses to allow entrepreneurs to sell and grow medical marijuana in the state. Of course, with departing Governor Pat Quinn leaving office without awarding any licenses, the decision is now left to incoming Governor Bruce Rauner, which has left […]

Lessons for Small Businesses Following the Sony Hacks

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Recently, the news has been full of the information obtained from data leaks that resulted from cyber attacks on Sony Entertainment. Beginning this past November, hackers believed to be backed by North Korea began leaking embarrassing internal emails and other private Sony information and data to the public. Though small businesses are typically not the […]

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