Finding Opportunities in Fast-Growing Franchises

A would-be entrepreneur can go into business for himself or herself using one of several different tracks. He or she could build a new company from the ground up with a carefully laid-out business plan and a significant amount of hard work. Alternatively, a prospective business owner could purchase an existing company and continue to […]

Naperville Business Lawyer on Fast-Food Chain’s Price Reductions

If you were asked to name the first fast-food brand that came to your mind, there is a very good chance that you would respond with “McDonald’s.” The 77-year-old franchise proudly boasts on its marquees around the world that it has served “billions and billions” of its famous hamburgers throughout the company’s history. Over the […]

Growing Your Company: Is Franchising the Next Step?

When you own a successful business, you have a number of options regarding how to keep your company growing. You could create an outlet for internet sales, expand your current physical location or open a second one. If you already have several locations or you believe that the day-to-day operations of multiple sites is not […]

Calculated Risks: The Future of Fast-Food Debuts at Missouri McDonald’s

For many business owners, “good enough” is a phrase that means nothing. This type of owner is always looking for new ways to grow the business, attract new customers, and increase the satisfaction of existing customers. Depending on an individual’s ambition and willingness to take risks, even a franchise owner—who often have less room for […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise, Part 2: Franchise Cons

Purchasing and running a location of an existing franchised company is a common choice for those looking to go into business for themselves, but who are hesitant to start completely from scratch. Of course, any decision to buy or start a business should be well thought-out and thoroughly planned, to avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise, Part 1: Franchise Pros

What do McDonald’s, GNC Live Well, Tim Hortons, and Meineke Car Care Centers all have in common, besides being nationally recognized brands? They are all among the most successful franchises in the world. A franchise is a business structure that permits private owners to buy the rights to open and run locations of a much […]

Talk to Other Franchisees before Buying a Franchise

Starting your own business can certainly be a rewarding experience. Many prospective business owners, however, are hesitant to develop a company from the ground up, creating a niche or serving an unfulfilled need in the local community. Instead, they look toward purchasing a franchise, allowing them to own and operate a business with an established […]

5 Tips for Buying a Franchise

If you are an entrepreneur who has always wanted to start their own business, buying a franchise can be a good, less risky, alternative.  It is often much easier to begin with a pre-made business plan and brand name recognition, but your success is ultimately up to you. Here are five tips for buying a […]

Trendy business- start a franchise

Frozen Yogurt – a.k.a. fro yo, has been the rage, then not, then a rage, once more. Its boom started in the 1980’s. Almost every mall, corner and storefront was frozen yogurt. However, ice cream shop rise of 24% (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center) from 1998-2003 declined the fro-yo craze. Coffee shops became the place to […]