Naperville Business Attorney Discusses Wells Fargo and the Importance of Consumer Trust

Over the last few months, much has been published by news outlets and other sources—including here on this blog—about the unauthorized opening of customer accounts by employees at Wells Fargo, the nation’s third-largest bank. Since September of last year, two separate settlements have been announced to put the matter to rest, each of which included […]

Naperville Business Attorneys Discusses the Continuing Wells Fargo Saga

Last September, news outlets were abuzz with reports that one of the world’s most recognizable financial institutions had admitted that its employees had fraudulently opened millions of unauthorized accounts on behalf of the bank’s customers. At the time, Wells Fargo & Company agreed to a settlement under which it would pay nearly $190 million to […]

Wells Fargo Fined $185 Million Over Phony Accounts

Banks and financial institutions are frequently at the forefront of controversy, which is a rather concerning reality. Nearly every American relies on some sort of banking entity to manage their personal and business transactions, so when a bank gets into trouble, it is often at the expense of its individual and corporate customers. As an […]