A Discussion on Giving Back to the Community From a Naperville Business Lawyer

community, Naperville business attorneyWhen you own a business, you look to serve the needs of your customer base with relevant products and services in exchange for a reasonable amount of money. This is how free-market businesses work and represents the cornerstone of the American economic system.

Many entrepreneurs, however, are also inclined to provide certain goods and services to various community efforts and charity organizations—some even go so far as to create their own. As a business law attorney, I recognize that community involvement by business owners offers benefits to the local region, of course, but also to the company itself if done with the right attitude.

Michigan Barber Offers Discounts for Young Readers

One of the biggest reasons that business owners get involved locally is to make their communities a better place to live. Such is the case in Ypsilanti, Michigan, a blue-collar suburb of Ann Arbor, where young patrons of the Fuller Cut barbershop receive a $2 discount on haircuts, but only if they read aloud to the barber during the haircut. Fuller Cut barber Ryan Griffen heard about a similar program in Harlem and took steps to start his own in Michigan. Soon, area residents began donating books to support his efforts. Griffen hopes his dedication will pay off down the road for his young clients. “Maybe someday,” he told NPR, “some kid will grow up and be a journalist, be a writer and he’ll say, ‘You know what, when I was young, my barber used to make me read.’”

Building a Reputation

Community involvement and outreach can help your business almost as much as it helps those in need. By becoming active in the local region, you can quickly earn a reputation as a person committed to doing good for others, both personally and professionally. That image is often transferred to your business as well, and prospective customers are more likely to do business with a company that they believe has good intentions. The effect may even carry over to your employees who may be inspired to work harder for a boss they respect and trust.

Better Connections

Philanthropic work can also lead to increased networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals. What begins as an informal relationship during a community project could blossom into a strong professional relationship that leads to positive results and lucrative business deals. While hard work and dedication are extremely important, who you know can be a vital part of your company’s long-term success.

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