A Plan for your Digital Assets

These days, mostly everyone lives part of their life online.  Whether you pay bills online, manage your bank account, or just email or other social connections.  The unfortunate reality is that most people forget to consider online aspects of estate planning.  And most states do not have clear laws about inheriting virtual effects. When you […]

Planning Includes for Retirement

Estate planning isn’t just about planning for death and for your loved ones to be taken care of you when you die. At its root, estate planning is all about planning for the future, and in a world in which traditional routes of retirement planning have changed significantly, it’s now more important than ever to […]

Can Crowdfunding Endanger your Great Ideas?

Social networking and the entrepreneurial spirit has taken over the business world today. One of the newest and most popular ways to get great ideas funded is through crowdfunding. The JOBS act and the popularity of sites such as Kickstarter not only make funding easy, but crowdfunding sites also make it easy to have your […]