Establishing and Administering a Charitable Trust

Estate planning is a fairly new concept. It used to be that parents did not think twice about leaving everything to their children. Today, however, with the advent of charitable giving and changing family norms, people have more options to consider when writing their wills. If you choose to make “nontraditional” bequests – or, more […]

Is making gifts in 2012 appropriate?

The year 2012 is an important year for planning to make gifts to your children or other individuals. You may be aware that at the beginning of 2011, the lifetime exclusion for federal estate tax purposes was raised to $5.0 million (adjusted for inflation at $5.1 million in 2012). This is not only the amount […]

Opportunities of Giving to your Family

As published in The Naperville Sun – November 16, 2008 The economy is in a temporary mess with home prices diminishing and the stock and bond market falling.  Yet, for anyone with a federal estate tax issue potentially at his or her death, this is a good time to give as many assets as one […]

Giving Back to the Community

Law Talk – By Denice A. Gierach As published in the Business Ledger – August 10, 2009 Business people generally get a bad rap in the general press and in movies trying to make the business of making money a bad thing.  The reality is that many businesses that are successful have a genuine desire […]

Consider a Donor Advised Fund

By Denice A. Gierach – September 9, 2009 Many people give small amounts to numerous charities, without considering whether and how to give more of their total charitable gifts to those organizations that assist in dealing with issues near and dear to their heart, which may range from scholarships to educational institutions, research on cancer, […]

Is this a good time to transfer your wealth to your children?

By Denice A. Gierach With the interest rates at a really low rate, and with the economic fallout from the present economy, even people with money do not feel flush now and may decide that they do not want to make gifts to the next generation.  Even though the economy has been in recession many […]