Disabled Adult Beneficiaries May Require Guardianship Petitions

Illinois law recognizes that not every adult is capable of making decisions – whether personal or financial – for himself or herself. People in these situations often need someone looking out for their interests, especially when such interests become the subject of a legal proceeding. One common example arises whenever a disabled adult is named […]

Naperville Lawyer Talks About New Illinois Estate Planning Laws in 2015

Several new estate planning laws  took effect on January 1, 2015 and include the following: An amendment to the Illinois Probate Act was made which changed the probate rules for minors with short-term guardians. When a child inherits property, a court will typically appoint a guardian to represent a child’s interests. However, a court does […]

How to Proceed in Probate When the Life Status of the “Decedent” is Unknown

Nine years after Samuel Zagaria disappeared, his sister Joanne petitioned the Cook County probate court for a presumption of death. The court complied and appointed Joanne, Zagaria’s only heir, the administrator of her brother’s estate. But in the course of administering the estate and trying to collect insurance benefits, Samuel turned up alive. Unfortunately for […]

Geriatric consultant can help families as parents age

By Denice Gierach – As published in the Naperville Sun – June 15, 2008 As the population ages and particularly our parents age, it is appropriate and helpful to use the services of a geriatric consultant.  There are a number of companies in existence at the present time that offer a large variety of services […]

Is Your Home A Good Safety Net For You When You Are Older?

As published in the Naperville Sun – April 29, 2008 Since we are all living longer than medical science may have predicted when we were young, many times the principal assets an older person may have will be their home.  Since most elderly want to stay in their own homes for the rest of their […]

Keeping Vacation Homes in the Family

As published in the Naperville Sun – September 28, 2008 By Denice Gierach Now that autumn has officially arrived, many people have spent fond memories of visits with their family in a vacation property.  Perhaps, you own a vacation property in Michigan along the water or at Eagle Ridge in Galena on the golf course.  […]

Are you organized if something happens to you?

July 20, 2008 – As published in the Naperville Sun By Denice A. Gierach If you become disabled suddenly through a car accident or health calamity, will your family or significant other know what your wishes are?  If you die suddenly, will those closest to you know what to do?  Will they know where your […]

So You Are Retired – Now What?

Law Talk – By Denice A. Gierach As published in the Business Ledger – September 21, 2009 Now that you have made the decision to retire (or the decision was made for you by the company that you worked for as a result of the economy), it is time to decide what to do with […]

Taking Care of Mom and Dad When They are Elderly

By Denice A. Gierach Most clients talk with their attorneys about what may happen to them as they become older and are unable to care for themselves.  Most express a definite desire to not have to stay in a nursing home, as they view such places to be very depressing and they want to stay […]

Some Medicare Recipients Will See A Rise in Premiums in 2010

By Denice A. Gierach The Medicare program has announced its 2010 premium and coinsurance rates.  Due to an anticipated increase in medical costs, there will be an increase in Medicare-related premiums, although not all recipients will have to pay the new rates.  Over the last few years, there have been changes in rate-setting by Medicare.  […]