Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Common Types of Business Lawsuits

When you own and operate a small business, it can be the realization of a lifelong dream. Many business owners are drawn to the freedom and financial opportunities offered by owning and running a successful company. As a business law attorney and a small business owner, I also realize the risks that come with business […]

Intellectual Property Theft Affects U.S. Economy, Causes Billions in Lost Revenue

When you own a business that produces any type of consumer goods, it can be relatively easy to study the market and determine that your product is unlike any others. By establishing your brand and emphasizing what sets your product apart from competitors, you can begin to take steps toward financial success. I am commonly […]

Dissolving a Business Partnership

When you were starting your business, it seemed the most natural and easiest thing in the world to have a partner. You couldn’t start the company alone, after all, and having a partner meant having additional expertise, experience, and someone with whom you could “shop” ideas. “Business partnerships dissolve for many reasons,” according to the […]

Supreme Court Upholds Contract Law

In the course of running a business, contracts will need to be signed.  Contracts provide the framework for all businesses because it commits two parties to an exchange of money for goods or services.  Without contracts, nothing would be certain for any business. Sometimes, these contracts include clauses that can waive your rights to a […]

Keys to Writing a Contract

In the course of doing business, there are opportunities for disagreements everywhere.  That could be between the company and employees, or contractors, or consumers.  In order to limit any legal liabilities in these disputes, companies often turn to contracts. For a contract to be legally binding requires a few basic things.  The first is that […]

Judge Sides with Shareholders in Apple Dispute

Hedge fund Greenlight Capitol and its operator David Einhorn heard some good news on February 22nd.  They have a huge interest in the future of Apple because they currently own a great deal of Apple stock valued at $585 million.  A federal judge blocked Apple from holding a vote during a February 27th shareholder meeting […]

Southwest to settle in Chicago-born lawsuit over drink vouchers

A class-action lawsuit was brought against Southwest Airlines after the airline stopped honoring vouchers for free alcoholic drinks, which were given to premium-ticket travelers. The class-action suit was filed by a Chicago attorney, and the settlement is estimated at $29 million or more. The Chicago Tribune covered the story in their business section. The original […]

Hostess Goes from Liquidation, to Negotiation, to Possible Sale

On November 14th, Hostess, the maker of such iconic snacks as Ho-Hos, Donettes, and Twinkies announced that it would declare for a liquidation bankruptcy if union workers continued to strike.  The strike was in place since November 9th because Hostess was attempting to lower their workers’ wages by 8% by forcing a new contract on […]

31 Charges For Lying To Regulators

The Chicago Tribune reported a story by Reuters, saying Russell Wasendorf’s arraignment is set for August 17. Russell Wasendor Sr., chief executive and founder of failed brokerage Peregrine Financial, will appear in front of a judge on August 17 after being indicted on 31 charges of methodically lying to regulators. A court notice issued on […]

Wells Fargo to Settle Racism Allegations with $175 Million

According to a Chicago Tribune article, the nation’s largest residential mortgage initiator, Wells Fargo, has been accused of unfairly discriminating against minority borrowers.  These allegations state that Wells Fargo violated fair-lending laws when dealing with eligible African American and Hispanic borrowers from 2004 to 2009.  This date range was during the housing boom and affected […]