Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Crowdfunding Investment Bill

Owners of smaller businesses who are looking for working capital will have more options beginning in 2016, thanks to a bipartisan measure that flew through the Illinois legislature earlier this year. In a rare display of total cross-party agreement, the House and Senate both unanimously approved a bill approving the practice known as equity crowdfunding […]

Illinois Lawmakers Push New Bipartisan Crowdfunding Legislation

The options for raising business capital, in many ways, are greater than ever before. As America continues to experience a digital revolution, crowdfunding has quickly become an extremely popular method for financing business ventures, projects, and charitable efforts. While to most Americans, the most prominent household name in crowdfunding may be Kickstarter, sites such as […]

Kickstarter Bringing Big Rewards to Illinois Businesses

Small businesses throughout Illinois have found significant success through the use of Kickstarter, the nation’s leading crowdfunding website. Take, for example, the former owners of the Bang Bang Pie Shop in Lincoln Square, Chicago. The owners had dreamed of opening a storefront for their business through the creation of a local area pie shop. They […]

New Crowdfunding Laws May Bring Additional Financial Benefits for Startups

Don’t know much about crowdfunding? It is a crucial internet tool that can help you raise the capital you need to get your small business idea off the ground and running. As crowdfunding websites have proliferated in increasing numbers, the U.S. government has decided to get involved. The new laws that will cover crowdfunding may […]

Crowdfunding Act is Big Money for Small Businesses

A term heard more and more in the business world is “crowdfunding” – defined as a way of funding a project or business by raising small amounts of money from many people.” This is usually done through the Internet, using companies such as Kickstarter, Fundable, Lucky Ant, Indiegogo, just to name a few. Last year, […]