Naperville Business Attorney Discusses FDA’s Accusations of Mislabeled Parmesan Cheese

When you are accused of any type of deception or wrongdoing as it relates to your business or business practices, the impact to your reputation and bottom line can be quite serious. In my practice, I have served as general counsel for many companies facing similar difficulties and understand the challenges such an accusation can […]

Naperville Business Attorney Encourages Keeping Negative Reviews in Perspective

No matter what your chosen industry may be, your customers or clients represent the very reason for your company’s existence. If there was no one to buy your products or services, offering them would be completely pointless. For many business owners, including a large number of my clients, offering world-class customer service is a top […]

Consider an Outsourced General Counsel for Your Business

Many large corporations and Fortune 500 companies employ a fully functional legal team to manage the affairs of the company related to regulatory compliance, contracts, documentation, and other areas of law. The individual overseeing this team, or operating alone in the case of smaller businesses, is known the company’s general counsel, often referred to as […]

Supreme Court Upholds Contract Law

In the course of running a business, contracts will need to be signed.  Contracts provide the framework for all businesses because it commits two parties to an exchange of money for goods or services.  Without contracts, nothing would be certain for any business. Sometimes, these contracts include clauses that can waive your rights to a […]

Steinway Piano No Longer Selling

Steinway has been manufacturing pianos since forming as a company in 1853 in downtown Manhattan.  The first was made by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, later known as Henry E. Steinway.  It has won a vast array of awards and even patented numerous innovations on pianos today.  The company was handed down to younger generations […]