Naperville Business Attorney Discusses Trademarks and Copyright Protection

When you think about the type of security your business needs, your first thoughts may turn to installing surveillance cameras or an identification card entry system. Of course, these kinds of physical measures can help you protect your company, particularly if you own a retail outlet or run an office that works with sensitive information. […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Adult Costume Policies at New Star Wars Park

If you are a business owner, you are probably faced with difficult decisions on practically a daily basis. Such decisions made difficult by the fact that regardless of the choice that you make, there is likely to be someone who is unhappy with the outcome. For example, if you decide to extend your business hours, […]

Network Sued for Using Boxing Legend’s Identity

When you sit down to watch a professional sports contest on television, you expect to see advertisements and promotional pieces that include images of some of the players and coaches apart from the game itself. The broadcast may go to and from commercial breaks with dramatic studio shots of the athletes in an effort to […]

Chicago Pizzeria Hit With Copyright Infringement Suit Over Karaoke

If you own a business that manufactures or distributes physical goods, it is relatively easy to be sure that you are being compensated by anyone wishing to own or use your products. Other companies, of course, do not have the right to duplicate your proprietary products, but, in most cases, customers must purchase them directly […]

Starbuck Loses Trademark Lawsuit

In a legal case of David and Goliath, a small NH coffee shop has prevailed over a trademark infringement lawsuit filed against them by corporate giant Starbucks. Jim and Annie Clark own and operate the Black Bear Micro Roastery, located in Tuftonboro, NH. One of the coffee blends offered to their customers is called “Charbucks.” […]

Protecting Your Ownership of Employee-Created Intellectual Property

An employer might assume that any intellectual property created by an employee in connection with the employee’s job duties will automatically become the exclusive property of the employer. However, without taking the necessary measures to ensure this, that assumption could prove incorrect. Employee Inventions Where There Is NO Enforceable Assignment-of-Inventions Agreement. Often, in the absence […]

Guidelines to Follow with your Business Blog

The internet has become a business’s best friend and worst enemy.  The major benefit is that it is an easy way to reach millions of people.  Thus making the internet an easy way to advertise a business’s goods and services. Each year, more businesses turn to blogs in order to cheaply and effectively promote what […]

The Patent Process

The American spirit largely rests with inventors—the small sub-sect of people who manage to keep coming up with new ideas when it feels for the Everyman that it’s all been done. In fact, the spirit of invention is so prevalent to the American psyche that protection for inventions, patents, was written into the Constitution. This […]

Motorola tries to Settle Royalty Dispute with Microsoft

Microsoft has a patent on a technology called ActiveSync which updates calendars and other data such as contacts, emails and tasks.  This proprietary software is used in all phones that use Google’s Android operating system.  As such Microsoft has been settling with all other phone manufacturers except for Motorola.  Royalties have yet to be set […]

Chicago Judge Rules in Favor of Motorola on Apple’s Patent Infringement Claim

The Chicago Tribune reports that federal court Judge Richard A. Posner has ruled on one of several patent infringement claims brought by Apple Inc. in favor of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. In this particular claim, Apple alleged that six applications used by Motorola on its devices infringed its patent on touch-screen finger-tap functionality, which has […]