Dissolving a Business Partnership

When you were starting your business, it seemed the most natural and easiest thing in the world to have a partner. You couldn’t start the company alone, after all, and having a partner meant having additional expertise, experience, and someone with whom you could “shop” ideas. “Business partnerships dissolve for many reasons,” according to the […]

Wells Fargo to Settle Racism Allegations with $175 Million

According to a Chicago Tribune article, the nation’s largest residential mortgage initiator, Wells Fargo, has been accused of unfairly discriminating against minority borrowers.  These allegations state that Wells Fargo violated fair-lending laws when dealing with eligible African American and Hispanic borrowers from 2004 to 2009.  This date range was during the housing boom and affected […]

Nike Forks Over $7.6 Million in Race Discrimination Lawsuit

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nike finally settled a lawsuit that was filed in 2003, which alleged that Nike discriminated against former and current employees of African American descent, for 7.6 million dollars. It was a class action lawsuit representing 400 current and former employees that worked at Niketown in Chicago between 1999 and the day […]

Lawsuit Over Lottery Winnings

Employees of Pita Pan, a Chicago Heights bakery, won a $118 million Mega Millions jackpot from a May 4, 2012 drawing. There are twelve employees who plan to share the winnings, but there are other Pita Pan employees who claim that they too have equal rights to the jackpot. So far four employees are claiming […]

Illinois Bakery and Former Pastry Chef Settle Business Dispute Outside of Court

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Evanston bakery owner Susan Davis Friedman filed suit against former pastry chef Maryann Huppert in the Cook County Circuit Court, alleging that Huppert had stolen a binder containing key bakery recipes, including one of the bakery’s signature items, the Cinnamon Bomb. In her lawsuit, Friedman claimed […]