Security Firm to Advise New Illinois Medical Marijuana Businesses

It is expected that at any moment the state of Illinois will officially issue the first licenses to allow entrepreneurs to sell and grow medical marijuana in the state. Of course, with departing Governor Pat Quinn leaving office without awarding any licenses, the decision is now left to incoming Governor Bruce Rauner, which has left […]

Disabled-Access Lawsuits against Small Businesses on the Rise

In recent years, small business owners have faced an increase in disabled-access lawsuits filed by non-patrons of their business. In fact, from the beginning of 2014 through June 30, 2014, 1,939 lawsuits were filed under the section of the federal disability law that provides enhanced accessibility requirements for all public places, including small businesses. This […]

Highly Litigious Climate Presents Challenges to Small Business Owners

A recent business climate report surveyed thousands of small business owners and asked them to apply a letter grade to the business regulations for operation in their state. Illinois was one of the six states that received a failing grade in the report. This report, along with others, has indicated that Illinois is at the […]

Partial Plastic Bag Ban Exempts Mom and Pop Small Businesses

Every year in Chicago over 3 billion plastic bags are used in the city. However, a new law passed by the Chicago City Council at 36-10 votes has resulted in a partial ban on the use of plastic bags by retailers and other local businesses. Luckily, this plastic bag ban does not apply to many […]

Tips For Avoiding An Employee Lawsuit

As small business owners look to the New Year, most will be considering new goals or practices that will help grow the business and exceed the successes of this year. Some business owners will work on developing new and interesting ways to turn a profit, others will begin brick and mortar renovations that will increase […]

To Avoid Fines Small Business Owners Must Be Aware of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Over the past year, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (“IWCC”) has greatly increased the prosecution of those small business owners who have not obtained workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Those employers who do not obtain workers’ compensation insurance are doing themselves, and their business, a grave disservice. The small business law attorneys here at […]

Illinois Concealed Carry Law Creates Liability Concerns for Local Business Owners

On July 9, 2013, Illinois became the 50th state to pass a concealed firearm carry law. The Firearms Concealed Carry Act requires that all people carrying a concealed firearm on their person must first register for a Concealed Carry License. This law provides exceptions, prohibiting the carrying of a concealed arm in public places such […]