Naperville Employment Attorney Discusses How to Contest an Unemployment Claim

When you hire a staff to help your company meet your customers’ needs, you are primarily focused on the ability of your employees to get the job done. You expect them to be punctual, efficient, and productive while contributing to your company’s continued success. From time to time, you will likely see employees leave to […]

Unemployment rising in Southern Illinois

While unemployment in the United States nationally has been on the decline, according to a recent article, rates in Southern Illinois have been rising. Reports from January have illustrated that almost every single county in Southern Illinois has an unemployment rate higher than the national average. These numbers have risen dramatically in the past year […]

Illinois plans to close 7 more unemployment offices

The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) is planning to cut 192 jobs, along with seven additional unemployment offices across the state, including the one in East St. Louis. IDES director Jay Rowell said in a statement that federal budget reductions along with a decrease of unemployment claims are to blame for the office closures. […]

Unemployment heading to all-time high globally

In the five years after the global financial crisis began, the number of unemployed workers around the world has risen by 28 million people. This leaves 197 million people without jobs, according to a new report. The Chicago Tribune reported a story about the situation. According to data from International Labour Organization, both advanced and […]