Creator of “Illinoyed” Ad Campaign Ready to Work for Illinois

ad campaign, Naperville business planning lawyerIn late 2013, Illinois residents began seeing billboards and advertisements asking if they were “Illinoyed” at the current state of the government and high corporate taxes in The Land of Lincoln. The ad campaign was an effort by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to draw existing companies and startups to the Hoosier State by suggesting that Indiana offers a more business-friendly environment and, therefore, increased profitability for business owners.

As an experienced business law attorney, I am certainly aware that tax rates and the current business climate are legitimate concerns for Illinois entrepreneurs. It makes me happy to know that that the marketing mastermind behind Indiana’s clever campaign will now be putting her skills to work in attracting companies to Illinois and in retaining those who are already here.

Governor’s Executive Order

Last month, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner issued an executive order directing the state’s Department of Commerce to collaborate with a new non-profit entity to attract business and investment to the state. The Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation, or ILBEDC, “will make us more competitive to put Illinois back in the game after years of sitting on the sidelines, idly watching neighboring states and others lure businesses and jobs away from Illinois,” Rauner said.

New State, Familiar Task

The ILBEDC has reportedly made its first hire and found what it was looking for in the person responsible for the 2013 “Illinoyed” billboards and the follow-up “Stillinoyed” campaign in 2014. Kelly Nicholl, former vice president of marketing for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, has agreed to become the marketing director for the ILBEDC, a position that she admits will force to “undo part of hard work in Indiana.” Nicholl said that while she was proud of her efforts in Indiana, she “loves” Chicago and is ready to put what she learned about marketing to work for her new home.

“There are great assets in Illinois,” she told Crain’s. “That’s my job—to find those assets and put them in front of people.” The new marketing director also indicated that she will need to find ways to put Illinois at the front of decision-makers’ minds. She wants those responsible for locating businesses to be thinking about Chicago and Illinois before they even realize they are doing so.

Economic Aids

Since the “Illinoyed” ads debuted in 2013, a number of changes have taken effect, leveling the playing field somewhat between Illinois and Indiana. Illinois’ corporate tax rate has dropped to 7.75 percent from 9.5 percent, and personal income tax rates have fallen from 5 percent to 3.75 percent. By comparison, Indiana’s rates are still lower, with a corporate tax rate of 6.5 percent and personal income tax rate of 3.3 percent, but the Hoosier State’s residents are often subject to higher county-assessed income taxes as well.

Questions About Where to Take Your Business?

As the states throughout the Midwest continue to battle for the hearts—and, if we are being honest, the dollars—of business decision-makers, you may be unsure of where your ideal location should be. Fortunately, an experienced Naperville business planning attorney can help. Contact The Gierach Law Firm today for assistance in understanding the myriad of factors that could influence your decision, including tax rates, the cost of living, regulatory concerns, and many others. Call 630-756-1160 to get the answers you need to your most important business-related questions.




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