Illinois Beer Industry Regulations Changing

Illinois Beer Industry Regulations ChangingAs reported by the Chicago Business Journal, a new study that was done that revealed that beer is a big ticket business in the state of Illinois. The study is conducted every other year by the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

The study revealed that the beer industry employs over 86,000 jobs in the state of Illinois that nets over $3.5 billion in wages paid to those workers. The Illinois economy receives a hefty boost of $10.1 billion every year through the beer industry. The taxes linked to the consumption of beer netted the state $1.5 billion. These taxes cover business and personal consumption last year in 2012.

There are also over 20,000 retailers that are licensed in Illinois. These retailers include the supermarket chains, restaurants and even stadiums. These retailers depend on beer and alcohol sales to generate a large part of their revenue.

If you have questions regarding starting a new business or how to establish your business to sell beer, consult with an experienced Illinois business attorney. Your attorney can assist you with any questions regarding establishing your business and continuing to be successful.

Part of being a successful business is following all of the laws that are set forth for businesses. These laws can differ according to the type of business that you have. Keeping track of all of these laws and the changes to them can be confusing. Your attorney can help you keep all of these things straight and keep your business legitimate. Not following these laws and conditions can lead to heavy fines and even negative marks to your professional reputation.