Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses the Introduction of Self-Driving Uber Cars

uber, Naperville business law attorneyFor the last several years, the ridesharing company Uber has been at the center of controversy on several fronts. There have been countless questions about how the company classifies its drivers as independent contractors, as well as concerns over the screening processes used to keep riders safe. Uber also made waves more than two years ago when it announced its plans to incorporate self-driving cars into its ride-sharing system, eventually eliminating the need for many of company’s “partner” drivers. This month, the first stages of that plan are coming to fruition as Uber is set to put about 100 self-driving cars into service, offering riders an experience that was, until recently, a science-fiction fantasy.

As a business law attorney, I realize the importance of utilizing technology to stay ahead of the competition. Such efforts are especially crucial in emerging fields—such as ridesharing—as survival and success hinge on innovation and creativity.

Contracting Technology

Uber has been widely credited with creating new technology to connect those needing a ride with drivers willing to provide one. Despite the controversy surrounding the company’s practices, there is little question that the platform is well-designed and generally meets customers’ needs. That is why it came as a surprise to many that Uber decided to contract self-driving technology kits and install them on vehicles rather developing its own line of autonomous cars.

“Your Driverless Car is Arriving”

San Francisco-based Uber has chosen the city of Pittsburgh as the debut location for its self-driving fleet due, in large part, to the contributions of researchers that the company lured away from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. CMU has long been known for its advances in robotics technology, a field that has direct ties to driverless cars and autonomous navigation.

Within the next few weeks, riders in the Steel City will be able to use the Uber app hail a driverless Volvo XC90 or Ford Focus. The company has announced that riders picked up by autonomous vehicles—there will be an engineer in the driver seat to take over if necessary—will not be charged for the ride, as the purpose is to learn more about how the whole driverless ride-sharing process will work and to iron out any problems.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Whatever industry you may be in, it is important to keep abreast of emerging technology and new, faster, and more cost-efficient processes. At The Gierach Law Firm, we are equipped to help you incorporate needed changes into your long-term business plan. To learn more about how we can provide assistance, contact an experienced Naperville business law attorney at our office. Call 630-756-1160 for a confidential consultation today.




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