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estate planning guidesTop Seven Frequently Asked Questions about Probate and Trust Disputes

• How and why a will can be challenged in court, and what you need to do to prevent that from happening
• Why a gift made by the deceased can be challenged in court
• What happens if the terms of a will or trust are confusing
• How to find a great lawyer to handle your probate or trust dispute

And much more!


Estate Planning Guides

Ten Secrets You Don’t Know about Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

• What some attorneys will keep secret from you because it makes them more money
• Why you need to have a will and living trust
• Secret taxes that most people are unaware of—and how they might cost you
• How to find an expert lawyer to handle your estate planning

And much more!


Estate Planning GuidesSeven Myths about Probate and Trust Administration

• How to avoid hidden and unexpected costs, like those that result from a probate proceeding
• Who you should appoint to be your executor or trustee
• Why your estate plan needs to consist of more than just a single document, such as a will
• The benefits of having a well organized estate plan

And much more!


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