Naperville Business Lawyer on How a Chain Went From Bar Food to Billions

The company that owns Arby’s, Jimmy John’s, and several other fast-food and quick-service dining brands has announced that it will pay $2.9 billion to acquire the nation’s best-known chicken wing chain. The deal comes in the wake of several other restaurant industry mergers, including Burger King’s acquisition of Popeyes Chicken. As a business law attorney, […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Whole Foods and Amazon

Known for a wide selection of health foods and organic items not found in many “regular” grocery stores, Whole Foods has not always been synonymous with “inexpensive.” In fact, the less-than-flattering moniker “Whole Paycheck” has been used by many to describe the high-end chain. Even Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has heard the nickname, calling […]

National Drugstore Chains Scrap Merger, Announce New Plan

As you are probably aware, there are several federal agencies that are tasked with ensuring that the American marketplace remains open and competitive. The most commonly known of these is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When major companies are considering mergers, acquisitions, or large-scale purchases, they must first seek approval from FTC to verify that […]

Justice Department Will Move to Block Two Health Insurance Mergers

Shares of four large health insurers fell this week when it was suggested that the United States Department of Justice is planning to file lawsuits intended to block two separate mergers. Over the last several years, the Justice Department’s antitrust division has been taking a stronger stand against business deals that it believes could inappropriately […]

Protecting Consumers: Naperville Business Attorney on the Blocked Office-Supply Merger

Once a company reaches a certain size and market share, its influence over the industry as whole is often substantial. In today’s business landscape, it is not uncommon for competition to such companies to erode over time, in many cases, leaving as a few as two major players to fight for dominance over a particular […]

FTC Challenging Proposed Chicago Health Systems Merger

For many small and mid-size companies, a merger presents the opportunity to reach more customers with increased efficiency. In most cases, merging with another business is a profitable decision for both existing entities, their owners, their shareholders, and their client base. Sometimes, however, government regulators become concerned about a merger’s potential effect on the market […]

Non-Disclosure Agreements: NDAs in Business Negotiations

The success of many business owners is dependent on the manner in which they approach relationships with other businesses and entrepreneurs. While a business professional should be as good as his or her word, and a handshake should still carry significant meaning, it is more important than ever that most agreed-upon details should be formalized […]

Future Merger Possible Between OfficeMax and Office Depot

The Chicago Tribune has reported that a possible merger between U.S. office supply chains Office Depot Inc., which is based in Boca Raton, Florida and OfficeMax Inc., which is based in Naperville. While neither company has confirmed or denied the potential merger report, a top shareholder of OfficeMax, Neuberger Berman, indicated that it could support […]

Starbucks Purchases Tea Company Teavana

In an effort to exert further its presence as the only place to drink, Starbucks announced plans this morning to purchase the tea company Teavana.  Teavana is a local and online presence that shows people the wonders of herbal teas.  After their initial start in Atlanta, Georgia, Teavana has expanded to over 250 stores in […]

Media Mogul Looking to Buy the Chicago Tribune

News Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch is looking to acquire the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times as the parent company for the two newspapers, Tribune Co., tries to emerge from bankruptcy. After Tribune Co. exits bankruptcy, its debt holders will be the majority owners of the company. These debt holders have […]