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Why utilize an Outsourced General Counsel?

An Outsourced General Counsel (OGC) is less expensive to have in place then a full-time attorney on staff. It gives you a high-asset team member that is at your service when you need them. They learn your business, understand your needs, and can advise you on all legal issues that arise. They become a trusted confidant and partner who gives you a competitive edge, while allowing you peace of mind.

YourOGCSM allows management to focus on core business:

  • Cost Effective
  • Valuable Resource
  • Saves Time & Money

Who needs Outsourced General Counsel services?

Large businesses have in-house attorneys available to answer questions and manage day-to-day business transactions that benefit from legal review.

Small and medium-sized businesses have many of the same legal questions and needs as larger companies, but maintaining an in-house legal counsel is not a cost-effective option. An OGC provides all the services without the higher price tag.


An OGC program provides the same legal function as an in-house counsel, but on a contractual basis.

In addition to serving all a business's legal needs, an OGC has additional benefits that often make it a more appropriate choice over an in-house counsel for smaller businesses.

  • Provides a superior degree of understanding for your business when you collaborate with a dedicated OGC rather than hiring a lawyer for one project at a time.
  • The OGC provides insights that you would not have from hiring a transactional attorney.
  • OGC becomes part of your management team, dedicated to preventative legal care, by working with your company on an on-going basis. We know your business and your industry, your staff and your contracts, your financial condition, and your tax situation.
  • We can quickly step in on any project, assess the legal, financial, and tax ramifications of a proposed action, and give you clear legal guidance.
  • An OGC is a simple, long-term solution to your company's legal needs.

OGC Services Can Help Your Business Thrive

Cost-EffectiveValuable Resource to the CompanyAllows Management to Focus on Core BusinessStreamlines the Legal Functions of the Company


When compared to hiring a full-time general counsel lawyer, OGC services can be a less expensive option. At small and midsize companies, the volume of legal work may not be enough to have a full-time legal employee and new companies often don't want to incur the cost of hiring in-house counsel.

Valuable Resource to the Company

An OGC who addresses and manages the legal issues of a company develops a better understanding of the intricacies of the business. The experience gained over time with the business allows the lawyer to provide their services in a more effective, efficient, and proactive manner.

Allows Management to Focus on Core Business

In the absence of a general counsel, management and other senior employees are burdened with the additional responsibility of addressing and managing legal matters, rather than focusing on their core functions. General legal matters like government compliance, contracts, human resource management, etc., can be managed more efficiently by the OGC. This means crucial personnel can focus on the core business operations. The extra time available will result in a more efficient functioning of the organization.

Streamlines the Legal Functions of the Company

When there is no internal attorney, legal matters are often managed by different employees or outsourced to law firms as needed. Using this division of legal work means there is lack of continuity which results in inefficiencies. When there is a dedicated OGC, the legal functions get organized. The OGC is the first point of reference for any legal issue that may arise. This leads to better coordination and increased efficiencies.

A Commitment to Quality and Service

A Commitment to Quality and Service


We strive to always put our clients’ needs first and keep you fully informed at all times

A Commitment to Quality and Service


We will work together with your personnel and other attorneys for the good of your company

A Commitment to Quality and Service


We will help you work with industry experts to manage and mitigate risks to your business

A Commitment to Quality and Service


We are committed to fostering your company’s ongoing success as you continue to grow and develop

A Commitment to Quality and Service


We can help you understand how to proactively identify and address known and unknown risk factors



  • You won't have to worry about finding a new attorney for every legal issue that arises, avoiding the arduous process of searching, interviewing, and hiring new legal assistance.
  • Your company's legal function will be organized under one general counsel. A legal matter will not be overlooked.
  • You have a set budget and know what your legal fees will be for every month.
  • We get to know you, your business, and your plans. We help you achieve your goals.
  • We are reliable, efficient, and available when you need us.
  • We perform risk analysis, identifying any threats to your business, and removing any impediments to your company's ongoing growth.
  • Our program is tailored to your business and its needs. We offer a variety of legal services, and all are available to you, even if your legal needs change.
  • YourOGC will help you determine what will work best for your business as it grows and thrives.
  • Very knowledgeable law firm. Denice constantly educates her clients on the latest legal developments. Denice knows business and understands how to serve businesses and be a great investment for businesses. I recommend her highly. - Joseph S.

  • Professional and high-caliber legal services from the Gierach Law firm and staff. The firm provided red-carpet treatment and superb legal advice/recommendations. – Chicago Area Client

  • Excellent firm to work with. Knowledge of field is outstanding. All staff is very helpful. - Nancy M.

  • I have referred many clients to this law firm and I have heard nothing but fantastic things in return. – Caryn O.

  • They are very knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and have a great deal of experience across many areas. - Linda H.


Some of the most common services provided by our program are:

Denice Gierach
  • Drafting contracts and creating a personalized library of your company’s most common standard forms.
  • Due diligence review of business contracts.
  • Reviewing and revisions on commercial lease agreements.
  • Monitoring and preventing regulatory or compliance issues and preventative legal care.
  • Exit strategies for principal shareholders.
  • Legal advice on employment matters, including firing employees or offering severance pay.
  • Advice on the tax consequences and deductibility of a financial transaction.
  • Assistance in building a successful, sustainable, and saleable business.
  • Negotiating transactions.

Why the Gierach Law Firm?

Sound Legal Advice • Experienced Representation • Premier Client Service

We are the go-to firm for Outsourced General Counsel services. We have more than 30 years of experience helping businesses address their legal and leadership needs. Our lead attorney, Denice Gierach, is also a CPA, a Northwestern executive master’s program graduate, and has owned several businesses including within the real estate and manufacturing industries. Her wide range of experience goes beyond legal advising to encompass many aspects of business acumen.

Our firm listens and collaborates closely with you to understand your needs. We not only help you identify any legal concerns that may affect your business, but can create a successful business strategy to help ensure that your company can remain profitable in the years to come. Our attorneys have a passion for creating true value for our clients, and helping businesses be proactive and thrive.

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Why Do I Need a General Counsel?

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Manufacturers and Their Need for an Outsourced General Counsel


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At The Gierach Law Firm, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and we are ready to help you craft a strategy for ongoing success. We will work with you to perform a risk analysis, identify threats and impediments to growth, and address legal matters effectively.

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