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As a business owner, the contracts you enter into can make or break your company. These legally-binding agreements can provide you with essential protection when completing transactions or entering into relationships with other people or companies, and they can also impose certain requirements that you will need to meet. Before signing contracts, you will want to review their terms with a qualified business law attorney who can help you understand your rights and work to negotiate terms that will provide you with the legal protection you need.

The Gierach Law Firm provides high-quality legal services to businesses, and we can advocate for your interests when you enter into contractual agreements. With more than 30 years of experience as both a business law attorney and a business owner, Denice Gierach understands the legal issues involved in business contracts, and she and the team of attorneys at Gierach Law Firm, LLC can help you draft new contracts, review your existing contracts, and negotiate terms that will meet your ongoing needs. If necessary, she can also help you determine the best steps to take in cases involving breach of contract.

Legal Help With New and Existing Business Contracts

A contract is a legal agreement in which the parties exchange something of value in return for consideration. These agreements can apply in a variety of different situations, such as when one company provides goods or services to another company in exchange for monetary payment, or when an employee agrees to perform certain duties in exchange for wages and benefits. A contract may include terms defining the rights and obligations of both parties, specifying the period of time when the contract will be in effect, and describing what will happen if either party fails to meet their contractual requirements.

When you are entering into a new business relationship or conducting a transaction, our attorneys can draft contracts that will fully address your rights and ensure that you will have the protection you need. We can help you negotiate the terms of contracts with other parties, making sure that you will not be bound by terms that are unreasonable or overly restrictive and ensuring that you receive the consideration you deserve. We can also review any contracts that are currently in place to identify potential legal issues and determine when an agreement may need to be renegotiated.

We can assist with any contracts that you may need to address during the course of your business, including:

  • Partnership and shareholder agreements – Creating this type of agreement during the business formation process will ensure that partners and shareholders understand their rights and responsibilities when managing the business, making business-related decisions, or leaving the company. These agreements can also decide how potential disputes between partners or shareholders will be resolved.
  • Purchase and sale agreements – Whether you are buying or selling a business or completing mergers or acquisitions, these types of agreements can specify how the transactions will be completed, including addressing the sales of stock or assets.
  • Loan agreements – When receiving a loan to start or expand a business, the terms of the loan agreement will define the period of the loan, the amount of payments, the interest rate, the assets being used as collateral, and any other relevant information.
  • Vendor, supplier, and equipment contracts – When purchasing equipment, parts, supplies, or other assets or making an agreement to provide or receive services, these contracts will fully outline the details of the sale, including the date the goods will be delivered or the nature and extent of the services provided.
  • Employment contracts – Agreements between employers and employees or independent contractors should fully describe the terms of employment and the expectations employees should meet while also detailing the compensation provided, including wages, bonuses, benefits, and paid leave. Employment contracts may also include terms such as non-compete or non-disclosure clauses to ensure that a company’s intellectual property and trade secrets are protected.
  • Franchise agreements – Whether you will be offering franchising opportunities to other companies or operating your business as a franchisee of another company, you will want to make sure you have a franchise agreement in place that fully defines the rights and responsibilities of both the franchisor and the franchisee.
  • Commercial real estate contracts – If your business will be purchasing or selling commercial property, you will need to be sure the purchase contract fully addresses your needs, including specifying the purchase price, the acceptable uses of the property, financing, and any encumbrances that may affect the sale.
  • Lease agreements – When leasing commercial property or equipment, you will need to be sure your lease agreement fully addresses the payments that will be made, the rights and obligations of both the lessor and the lessee, and who is responsible for any related expenses, such as utilities.

Contact Our Illinois Contract Negotiation Attorneys

With the right attorney on your side, you can make sure your business’s contracts will provide you with the proper legal protection and allow you to operate your business successfully. The attorneys at the Gierach Law Firm, LLC can negotiate favorable terms and ensure that your contracts will meet your needs. Contact our office either in Naperville at 630-756-1160 or in Hoffman Estates at 847-519-0505 to schedule a consultation today.

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