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How Can Outsourced General Counsel (OCG) Help My Business? 

Posted on July 29, 2021

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As any business leader can tell you, legal concerns are some of the most frustrating and complicated aspects of owning or managing a business. Furthermore, these issues are also some of the most consequential. Making a mistake in a shareholder agreement, misclassifying a worker, failing to protect trademarks, and other legal mistakes can lead to avoidable headaches and considerable costs. This is why many business owners are turning to outsourced general counsel for legal guidance. With outsourced general counsel, you gain the advantages of an in-house lawyer at a fraction […]

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How Can I Protect Myself & My Business from Cybersecurity Issues? 

Posted on July 22, 2021

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If you own or manage a business, one crucial issue you need to stay up-to-date on is cybersecurity. Internet-connected systems are an integral part of most modern businesses. Web-based programs allow businesses to attract new customers, manage inventory, store client information, and much more. However, these systems can also be vulnerable to unauthorized use or malicious attacks. The FBI estimates that cybercrime cost small businesses nearly $3 billion in the year 2020 alone. Protecting Your Business from Phishing Schemes Something as simple as opening a seemingly innocent email attachment can […]

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Is Starting a Business Worth it? Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Out

Posted on July 15, 2021

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Owning a business is unlike any other “job.” Little compares to watching your hard work and creativity flourish into a thriving business. The financial and personal rewards resulting from business ownership can be great, but starting a business is certainly not for everyone. Most people are familiar with the bleak statistics on startups: More than 20 percent fail in the first year. Half of new businesses fail by the fifth year. Upon learning this information, you may wonder, “Is starting your own business worth it?” To find out if starting […]

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Why Working With the Right Attorney is Essential to Your Business

Posted on July 8, 2021

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Whether it is a startup, franchise, or an existing business, taking on a leadership role in any type of business is likely to be one of the most consequential decisions of your life. Business ownership can be extremely rewarding. At times, owning a business or managing a company can also be frustrating, stressful, and overwhelmingly complex. When you are taking on something as important as running a business, having the right support system is vital to your success. A key member of your support team is your business attorney. If […]

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Why is Outsourcing Becoming More Popular in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

Posted on June 24, 2021

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As we have discussed in previous blogs, knowing how to delegate tasks is a crucial skill for business owners and business leaders alike. Delegating tasks frees up time to focus on higher-level responsibilities and ultimately helps you grow your business. More and more businesses are choosing to delegate by outsourcing certain services to outside providers. Read on to learn about the many benefits of outsourcing for small and medium-sized businesses. Reducing Costs and Freeing Up Funds for Other Projects For many businesses, the key benefit associated with outsourcing is saving […]

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How Your Employees Can Help You Avoid Legal Problems

Posted on June 17, 2021

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A business is only as strong as its employees. As a business leader it is crucial for you to ensure that employees understand what is expected of them. Failure to properly train your staff can lead to significant legal problems including allegations of discrimination and harassment. Preventing Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in Your Company Although more and more companies are making harassment and discrimination prevention a top priority, these issues are still at the forefront of many people’s minds. If you do not currently have an anti-discrimination policy and complaint procedure […]

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Top 3 Ways Outsourced General Counsel Helps Grow Your Business

Posted on June 10, 2021

Naperville outsourced general counsel lawyers

If your business revenue is in the $10 million or above range but your company is not large enough to justify an in-house attorney, consider utilizing outsourced general counsel (OCG). With OGC, you gain legal guidance and support from a business lawyer without needing to hire an attorney full time. The advantages associated with this approach are plentiful, which is why more and more small and medium-sized businesses are using outsourced general counsel to meet their needs. To effectively grow your business, you must ensure that sensitive legal concerns are […]

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Lessons Many Business Leaders Wish They Learned Sooner

Posted on June 8, 2021

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Managing a business is not for the faint of heart. A surprisingly large percentage of businesses do not make it past their one-year anniversary and even fewer see their five- or ten-year anniversary. To succeed as a small or medium-sized business leader, you must be continually vigilant for ways to improve and grow. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that each hardship you experience teaches you something. Read on to learn about some of the lessons that business owners and business leaders learned the hard […]

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Solid Referral Relationships Are a Valuable Way to Grow Your Business

Posted on June 1, 2021

Naperville business law attorney

If you are a business owner or business leader, you are probably constantly looking for ways to expand your business. One avenue for growth that many business owners overlook is referral relationships. Strengthening your relationships with referral sources opens the door for new customers. Furthermore, creating a robust referral network is a mutually beneficial way to network on both a personal and a professional level. What is a Referral Network? Many small and medium-sized businesses use referral marketing to find leads on potential customers and learn about other opportunities that […]

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How Outsourced General Counsel Can Protect Your Business and Help You Enjoy Continued Success

Posted on May 27, 2021

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As a business owner, you may feel like your to-do list never ends. Juggling sales, marketing, budgetary concerns, inventory, and employee issues can leave many business owners overwhelmed and overworked. Handling everything on your own is not only stressful but also unsustainable in the long run. Learning how to properly delegate is essential to your business’s long-term success. One way you can delegate responsibilities and ensure that you are not making mistakes that can land you in legal trouble is to utilize outsourced general counsel. What is Outsourced General Counsel? […]

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