Apple Patent Lawsuit Against Motorola Dismissed with Prejudice

Apple Patent Lawsuit Against Motorola Dismissed with PrejudiceIn recent news from the Chicago Tribune, U.S. federal judge Richard Posner has ruled that Apple cannot proceed with its request for an injunction against Motorola, which bans the sale of Motorola products that use Apple’s patented technology. Thus ruling effectively ends Apple’s ability to pursue its existing patent claims against Motorola regarding smartphone products. Motorola initiated this litigation back in October, 2010, and Apple reciprocated with its own claims that same month. Upon various pre-trial motions, Posner issued rulings that eliminated most of Motorola’s patent claims, which bolstered Apple’s hopes for success on its patent claims.

In his ruling, Posner concluded that Apple had failed to prove that it had suffered the loss of revenue, brand name recognition or customers due to Motorola’s alleged patent infringement in using Apple’s smartphone technology in its products. Simply creating and selling products to compete with Apple’s iPhone, Posner ruled, was a separate issue from any harm resulting from alleged patent infringement. Moreover, Posner noted that the potential costs of complying with Apple’s proposed injunction would be quite high. However, Posner also decided that Motorola could no longer pursue the one patent claim that it was still pursuing against Apple by seeking an injunction.

Posner’s ruling brings to an end a contentious lawsuit between two powerful companies dealing with cutting-edge technological advances. As these technologies continue to develop, more and more such disputes are likely to arise. When these problems occur with your business, you will need the advice of a highly qualified Chicago area business lawyer who is skilled and experienced in these matters, as the consequences of such litigation can have serious consequences for your company.