Author of Infamous Google Memo Files Class Action Suit

Google, Naperville business lawyerWhen you own a business, it is understandable and responsible to ask your employees for feedback from time to time. This is especially true following the implementation of major changes to company policies and practices. In my practice as a business law attorney, I regularly encourage clients to maintain open communication between management and employees. I must sometimes remind employers, however, to be open to the feedback they receive, or else they risk rendering the entire exercise useless. In recent months, such seems to be the case for one of the prestigious tech companies in the world.

In July of 2017, James Damore wrote a memo titled Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber which would become infamous. It was a memo for which he was eventually fired from tech giant Google. The company claimed that he was in violation of the company’s code of conduct. Damore has now filled a class action lawsuit disputing the reason for his firing.

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

It all started when Damore was asked to provide feedback on a diversity program which he attended as a Google employee. He had quite a lot to say about the new strides Google was taking to eliminate what they believed was prejudice against women and minorities. Damore, on the other hand, offered a completely different perspective. Google employees have traditionally been mostly males, a majority of whom were also Caucasian. Presently, only about 20 percent of technological jobs in the company are held by women and about 80 percent are held by men.

Differences in Biology May Cause Gender Disparity in Tech Jobs

Damore, who has a master’s degree in biology, cited many legitimate sources in his memo to explain the biological differences between men and women. Damore says that evolutionary biology can explain why women are less interested in tech just the way it can explain why less men are interested fields like nursing or teaching. He says that women as a whole are generally more interested in people, which is why they are drawn to jobs which require much social interaction, and men are more drawn to things, which is why more men enjoy working on computers or motor vehicles. Damore also noted that these generalizations did not apply to everyone but were statistically relevant differences between genders as a whole.

Although Damore did his research and backed up his claims with evidence, many felt that his memo was malicious in nature and only meant to prevent more minorities from working in technology. Others were outraged that Damore would imply that there are differences between women and men with regard to personality and skill sets. The memo was leaked to the public, and Google later fired Damore.

Legal Action Initiated

Damore is one of a very few number of conservatives in the company that is well-known for being liberal and left-leaning on most social issues. Damore, along with another former Google employee, have now filed a class action lawsuit against Google in Santa Clara Superior Court in Northern California. The lawsuit claims that Google suppresses the ideas and needs coming from Caucasian conservative men such as himself. The suit alleges that in an effort to be more diverse, Google has started silencing anyone who disagrees with the way Google is managed.

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