Bruce Rauner v. Gov. Pat Quinn: What’s their Stance on Business in Illinois?

Illinois small business lawyer, gubernatorial election, Pat Quinn, republican, democrat, small businessMarch 18th marked the completion of the Illinois governor primary elections. The primary elections allow both the republican and democratic voters to choose the individual that they would like to represent their respective parties in the November 2014 Illinois gubernatorial election. Democrat Governor Pat Quinn easily swept past his foes in order to clinch the democratic ticket. However, the entire state was talking about the winner of the republican vote, candidate Bruce Rauner, a local Chicago businessman/billionaire. Though the gubernatorial election doesn’t commence until November, we have decided to review the business stances of both Rauner and Quinn.

 The Republican Candidate Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner is a local Chicago professional who has worked in the field of business development and advisement for over 30 years. Rauner’s rise as the republican frontrunner was not easy and involved the use of a total of $14 million dollars, which included funds raised, as well as Rauner’s own personal fortune. Rauner’s win represented a defeat for three incumbent state lawmakers, including the Illinois state treasurer. Many who voted for Rauner believe that his exceptional business acumen would provide a breath of fresh air to the nepotism and cronyism that many see as characterizing current practices in Springfield.

 Those who voted for Rauner also see him as the person needed to break down the organized labor/union and democratic alliances that have controlled most of Illinois’ legislature and state offices for decades. Those who criticize Rauner worry that once in office he will decrease the significant bargaining power that took decades for labor unions to cultivate by decreasing business regulations. This concern is completely founded because Rauner has stated that his governing model would be based on decreasing union sway as a necessary tool for reducing business operating costs in the state, while also serving as a means to make Illinois more attractive to businesses.

 The Republican Incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn

 Gov. Pat Quinn is the incumbent gubernatorial democratic candidate who has a somewhat mixed stance when it comes to providing small business support. Last year Quinn went on the record calling for a state minimum wage increase to $10 per hour. Some see this potential minimum wage increase as imposing additional burdens on small businesses, while big businesses have the coffers to absorb the costs and effects of a minimum wage increase. Others see Quinn’s proposed minimum wage increase as deterring businesses both small and large from wanting to operate in Illinois.

 However, in the past year Quinn has attempted to give small business owners in Illinois the voice and support that they so desperately need. Earlier this month, Quinn submitted a proposal for the decrease of LLC filing fees as a means to remove barriers of entry into the business community typically faced by small businesses looking to operate and set up shop in Illinois. If accepted, Governor Quinn’s proposal would reduce LLC filings costs to $39, which is 12 times less than the current $500 filing fee. Furthermore, during his January State of the State address, Quinn states that he would be appointing an Illinois small business advocate whose purpose would be to provide “a voice for small businesses’ interests across state government.”

 These are exciting times within the political arena of the Illinois state legislature. Hopefully, this brief evaluation of both candidates stances on business will making the voting process a little easier for you. Contact the small business law attorneys here at The Gierach Law Firm in Naperville, Illinois for any of the small business law questions or issues you may be facing.