Naperville Business Attorney on Burger King Sending Customers to McDonald’s

Burger King, Naperville business lawyerWhen you own a business, one of your primary goals is to draw customers or clients to your company instead of allowing them to go to your competitors. In fact, beating your competitors is a basic tenet of a free market system.

I have been practicing business law for more than 30 years, and in that time, I have seen thousands of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies—most of which encourage customers to choose one company over another. However, I am not sure that I have ever seen an example of a marketing campaign by a company that purposely pushed customers toward a competitor for any reason—until recently. In the latest round of the fight for fast-food supremacy, Burger King is actually telling consumers to go to McDonald’s and to order Burger King’s signature sandwich.

Interesting New Technology

Burger King recently issued a press release announcing a new, limited-time promotion under which a customer can get a Whopper sandwich for just one cent. The catch, however, is that the customer must be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s and must order the Whopper using Burger King’s new mobile app.

According to the press release, the promotion relies on a technology called “geofencing.” Essentially, the app’s programmers have drawn a 600-foot virtual circle around most McDonald’s locations in the United States—a feat that includes some 14,000 McDonald’s stores. When a customer uses the Burger King app from within the geofenced area, “the app will unlock the Whopper sandwich for a penny promotion.” Once the customer places his or her online order for a Whopper, the app will then pull up directions to the nearest Burger King location for pick up.

Burger King is calling the campaign the “Whopper Detour.” Customers have until December 12, 2018, to get a one-cent Whopper, and each person can only redeem the offer one time.

Strong Response

In the first day of the promotion, which began this week, more than 50,000 one-cent Whoppers were claimed. Burger King also said that its app jumped from ninth to first in the food and drink category on iTunes App Store as a result. The company claimed that it spent about a year to make the promotion work correctly, as a failure would likely have backfired in a spectacular fashion. As the promotion continues, Burger King officials are reminding customers not to disrupt business at McDonald’s, and they do not recommend going through McDonald’s drive-thru lanes.

Of course, there is still the risk that once a customer gets to a McDonald’s, he or she will simply order food there instead of going to a second location. Experts say that fast-food is all about convenience, and the value of the promotion may not be enough to compensate for having to go somewhere else to eat.

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