Business Naming Advice when Starting up a Company

Business Naming Advice when Starting up a CompanyStarting your own business is as fun as it is frustrating.  Writing a business plan is a good first step.  It can allow you to consider the customers you want to target, what your product or service is, and how you will expand your business in the future.  One of the biggest difficulties that people forming a business have is coming up with a name for their business.  Some direction in organizing the concepts of a business name can end up paying dividends throughout the life of the business.

As you attempt to make your company stand apart from competitors it is essential to avoid generic names or names that have multiple spellings.  Being too generic with a company name will not show that your company is innovative or creative, which is not a good place to start.  You need to strike a balance between something that is easy to remember and can provide you with branding and marketing opportunities.

Most successful business names work off of being nice to say out loud.  The companies like Coca-Cola or Jimmy John’s roll off the tongue.  Names like that are easy to remember because they and appealing to say and hear.  If you are brainstorming and have a name that won’t leave your head, that’s probably a good sign.

Then you have to consider how your company will have a presence on the internet.  Do some research about domain names that will work for your business and even consider purchasing it to eliminate any issues in the future.  Also do some legwork on social media websites to see what competition you have for your preferred business name.

When you have a business name that will represent you, then it is time to reach out to a legal professional.  They will be able to assist you in what business entity to form for tax and liability purchases.  Contact an experienced business lawyer in DuPage County who can assist you in all your business formation needs.

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