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Naperville Business Lawyer on the Limited Return of New Coke

Posted on June 13, 2019

New Coke, Naperville business law attorney

Whenever anyone talks about major mistakes made in the business world, New Coke is almost always part of the discussion. For those who might not be old enough to remember, the New Coke fiasco was a culturally defining event of the so-called “cola wars” of the 1980s, as Coca-Cola and Pepsi battled for dominance of the soft drink industry. As a business law attorney, I was intrigued to hear that New Coke is slated to make a comeback this summer, but in a much more limited release than the last […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses the “Tom Terrific” Trademark Tiff

Posted on June 6, 2019

trademark, Naperville business law attorney

You do not need to be a football fan to recognize the name Tom Brady. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is about to enter his 20th season in the National Football League (NFL), all of them with the New England Patriots. The six-time Super Bowl champion and three-time NFL Most Valuable Player has transcended the sport to become a household celebrity name. In today’s world, of course, being a celebrity means having and protecting a brand of sorts. As a business law attorney, I am acutely aware of how […]

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Study: Nearly Three-Fourths of Small Businesses Plan to Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Their Business

Posted on June 4, 2019

social medial, Naperville business law attorney

There are few social phenomena that have been as fast-growing and ubiquitous as social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In the past few decades, we have watched as social media evolved from simply a way for college students to post spring break pictures to a worldwide network of students, parents, professionals, and businesses. For years, social media pages only included individuals’ personal profiles, but now we are seeing more and more businesses creating Facebook pages and other social network profiles. If you are a business owner […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer on Discount Store’s Planned Changes

Posted on May 31, 2019

Dollar Tree, Naperville business lawyer

When you tell someone that you are going to the “dollar store” to pick up a few things, you might be referring to one of a few different retail outlets. It not uncommon for people to refer to discount stores like Family Dollar or Dollar General as dollar stores—ostensibly due to the inclusion of the word “dollar” in their names. While these outlets are generally considered discount stores with prices that lower than typical department stores or even some big-box stores, they offer merchandise at a variety of price points. […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Unique Aspects of Family Business

Posted on May 29, 2019

family business, Naperville business law attorney

As a business law attorney and a business owner, I understand that owning a business can be one of the most fulfilling and exciting professional experiences a person has. Sometimes, an individual invests their time and money into building a business in order to sell the business for profit. In other cases, a person might have a business idea and then grow that idea into a thriving family business that can be passed down to their children and grandchildren. Of course, starting a successful family business from scratch is not […]

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Naperville Business Law Attorney Discusses Tips for Selling a Business

Posted on May 21, 2019

selling, Naperville business law attorney

Being a small business owner can be an exciting and fulfilling career, but not everyone chooses to keep the same business for years and years. If you have decided to sell your business, you may have already realized that it can be quite the undertaking. Selling a small business can be a complex and time-consuming process. As a small business owner myself, I realize that there is no perfect way to go about it, but experts do encourage would-be sellers to consider the following strategies. Start Preparing Earlier Than You […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer on Strategies for an Effective Employee Code of Conduct

Posted on May 15, 2019

code of conduct, Naperville business law attorney

If you are a small business owner, you probably already know that one of the most essential elements of a successful company is a capable team of employees who represent the business in a positive light. One way you can clarify the expectations you have for employees is through an employee code of conduct. A code of conduct is different from a company code of ethics and deals more specifically with the behavior expected of staff, as well as behavior which is unacceptable. An employee code of conduct can be […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer Talks About Driver Strike Just Days Before Uber IPO

Posted on May 9, 2019

Uber, Naperville business lawyer

Over the last few years, few companies have made international headlines as often as Uber has. Every few months, it seems, another controversy arises involving the San Francisco-based technology company. Some of the issues have been related to the safety of self-driving Uber vehicles while others have focused on misconduct and sexual harassment allegations at Uber’s headquarters. The most frequently talked about concern, however, is the relationship between the company and its drivers. As a business law attorney, I am especially aware that all of the pieces of a company […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses How to Improve Employee Morale

Posted on May 7, 2019

morale, Naperville business lawyer

As a business owner, employee satisfaction and retention are probably among your top priorities. Not only are contented employees more efficient at their job and more enjoyable to work with, keeping employee turnover low helps save you money over the long run. According to various studies, the average cost of losing an employee is 21 percent of that employee’s annual salary. If you can retain the same employees year after year, you avoid costly and time-consuming hiring and training. Read on to learn about some of the best ways to […]

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Naperville Business Lawyer on Turning Your Company into a Franchise

Posted on April 23, 2019

franchise, Naperville business lawyer

Many of the best-known brands throughout the world are franchises. In the food and beverage industry, restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Subway operate on a franchise model, but there are major companies in other sectors that do as well, including The UPS Store, Planet Fitness, and CPR-Cell Phone Repair. If you are a business owner, you might dream of reaching cities across the country and around the world. To do so, in many cases, you might need to become a franchise, and a seasoned business law attorney can help […]

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