Chicago Business Files Lawsuit Against City

Depending on the outcome of a lawsuit recently filed in the Cook County Circuit Court, the city of Chicago could potentially lose up to $281 million of projected income via fines, forfeitures and penalties levied against area property owners. The lawsuit was filed by Stone Street Partners, LLP, which owns a building on the Near North Side that was fined by the city for overflowing garbage cans.

In the lawsuit, Stone Street alleges that the city is unjustly prosecuting their case – and many other similar cases – without an attorney present, which is a violation of an Illinois law that requires corporations to be represented by a licensed attorney at court appearances. For this reason, the case is seeking class-action status.

general counsel, law, Illinois business law attorneyStone Street alleges that no attorney ever appeared on behalf of the city at any of their hearings, and therefore, the administrative law judge presiding over the hearing acted as both prosecutor and judge. Not surprisingly, Stone Street was found guilty of the ordinance violation.

However, the law in question has a bit of gray area, as it’s not entirely clear whether or not it applies to the administrative hearings that these cases typically involve. These hearings can result in fines of up to $50,000, and their outcomes can be reviewed in Illinois Circuit Court.

Many Illinois business disputes involve similar interpretations of complex statutes and case law, and require the services of a top Naperville business law attorney. An experienced business lawyer can ensure that no aspect of the law is overlooked in advocating for the best possible outcome for their client.