Chicago Judge Rules in Favor of Motorola on Apple’s Patent Infringement Claim

The Chicago Tribune reports that federal court Judge Richard A. Posner has ruled on one of several patent infringement claims brought by Apple Inc. in favor of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. In this particular claim, Apple alleged that six applications used by Motorola on its devices infringed its patent on touch-screen finger-tap functionality, which has been dubbed “the finger swipe.” Judge Posner concluded that Apple’s finger swipe was not the same functionality as Motorola’s finger-tap technology.

The Chicago business lawsuit is one of many lawsuits nationwide between Apple and the Libertyville-based Motorola, which uses Google Inc.’s Android operating system. It is widely expected that Google will acquire Motorola in the near future.

Chicago Judge Rules in Favor of Motorola on Apple’s Patent Infringement ClaimHowever, the scope of Posner’s ruling was limited to one particular use of the technology, i.e. the Inc.’s application that readers can download in order to access e-books without using Amazon’s Kindle e-reader device. Posner declined to extend his ruling to include Motorola products sold with the application already installed. The ruling only found that Motorola did not infringe Apple’s patent when users downloaded the application for their Motorola devices. Apple’s remaining claims will be resolved in separate trials at a later date.

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