A Common Regret for Business Owners

growing a business, relationships, Naperville business law attorneyAre you a visionary with impeccable organizational skills and a sharp business acumen? If so, you may be well-qualified to get a commercial new enterprise off the ground. A qualified business planning attorney can assist you in taking the necessary steps toward building a successful new company. Specifically, I can tell you that there are areas of strength that many business owners, including many of my clients, wish that they had addressed earlier in the process. While it’s great to have a running head start, don’t run so fast that you fail to form initial relationships, because these will benefit you in the long run. Here are a few things to consider as you move forward.

Trial and Error

In the initial stages of starting your business, planning is of course very important, but you are probably going to make mistakes anyway. You may spend too much on the wrong supplies, focus on the wrong market segment at times, or set up shop in the wrong part of town. But with a perseverant attitude and a focus on creativity, you will probably be able to overcome whatever troubles you may face in your business’s infancy.

Starting vs. Growing

Once your company has taken root, however, you will need to rely on a completely different set of skills and tools. Starting a new business takes a combination of passion, vision, and willingness to be a little adventurous. It is important to remember, though, “What got you here, won’t get you there,” at least according to one business leadership coach. The attributes that helped you get moving are great to have, of course, but growing a business is much different. Doing so requires leadership, which, according to Susan Drumm, a CEO advisor and leadership expert, is all about relationships.

Growth Through Relationships

A large number of business owners report that they wish they had realized the importance of relationships prior to starting their companies. While it may seem obvious now that you are looking to grow, it is best to hone your relationship skills as early as possible. Building your business is about creating an exciting new product or service, and establishing an initial list of prospective and new customers. Growth will come from relating well to your clients, listening to them, and spending the necessary time in satisfying their needs.

To continue to grow, you will also need to build relationships with your supplies, vendors, and, most especially, your team. Effective delegation and motivation for your staff is only possible if you have created a level of trust and kept the lines of communication open. If you are not sure how to make such relationships a reality, it may be time to invest in some training or motivational courses for yourself, which, in turn, can greatly benefit your team and your business.

We Can Help

When you are ready to take the next steps in growing your business, you can rely on the knowledge and skill of the Gierach Law Firm to help you get there. Contact an experienced Naperville business law attorney today. We will work with you in developing a growth strategy that capitalizes on your strengths and ensures continued success for years to come. Call 630-756-1160 to schedule a consultation.




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