Naperville Business Lawyer Talks About the Cubs’ Playoff Ticket Warnings

Cubs, Naperville business law attorneyThe Chicago Cubs represent one of Major League Baseball’s most historic franchises. However, much of that time has been spent the sport’s poster child for heartbreak and disappointment. The Cubs have not won a World Series championship since 1908—more than 100 years ago—and have not even returned to the World Series since 1945. “There’s always next year” has long been a mantra for Cubs’ fans who have suffered along with the organization.

For the first time in very long time, “next year” might be this year, as the Cubs finished the 2016 regular season at the top of the league and begin their playoff run this week. The club, however, is reminding fans to be very careful buying, selling, and handling their tickets for playoff games. As a business law attorney and a proud resident of the Chicago area, I am excited to witness the team’s current success but sympathetic to the concerns of the franchise regarding unscrupulous ticket practices.

Beware of Counterfeit Tickets

Many news outlets are predicting that resale prices for the Cubs’ playoff game tickets will reach all-time highs. This means that there will certainly be fake tickets for sale at various outlets. During last season’s playoffs, more than 200 counterfeit tickets were seized by the Cubs organization, including more than 100 at a single game. Many such tickets were sold by “scalpers,” or individuals on the street outside the ballpark who only accept cash and can suddenly vanish very quickly. This year, the team is encouraging fans to only buy tickets from reputable dealers or outlets and to avoid transactions on the street near Wrigley Field.

Cover Your Barcodes on Social Media

If you have tickets to an upcoming playoff game, you may have the chance to see history in the making. It is not unusual for you to want to share your good fortune with your friends and family by posting a picture of your tickets on Facebook or Instagram. The bad news is that by doing so, you could be giving your seats away. Event tickets—including those for baseball games—are printed with barcodes that are unique to each ticket and scanned to permit entry into the stadium. A photo on social media that shows the ticket’s barcode could allow someone else to generate a counterfeit ticket using your barcode, effectively stealing your ticket.

With just hours to go before tonight’s first pitch, the Cubs remind fans that lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. “These are extremely valuable tickets,” a team spokesman said. “And, they should be treated like cash.

Avoiding Trademark Infringement

Finally, the Cubs organization also has a message for those looking to use the Cubs’ current success to promote their own business or to sell merchandise. “Consider working with us first,” the spokesman said. Otherwise, a company risks violating the trademark protections of the team and the league as a whole.

As the Chicago Cubs begin their quest for a championship on the field of play, the franchise is taking steps to protect itself as a business entity. If you have questions about protecting your company, contact an experienced Naperville business law attorney. We can provide guidance with fraud concerns, as well as in protecting your logos and trademarks. Call The Gierach Law Firm at 630-756-1160 today for a confidential consultation.



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