Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses the Details of Super Bowl Halftime Performances

halftime, Naperville business law attorneysWithout question, the Super Bowl halftime performance by pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira caught the attention of virtually the entire nation. As was to be expected, many people were quick to weigh in social media with their thoughts. Some found the show to be empowering for women from all walks of life, while others were upset by themes and costumes that they felt were inappropriate for a family-oriented setting like the Super Bowl.

Regardless of what you thought of the creative elements of the performance, there are some other aspects of the Super Bowl halftime show that might surprise you. For example, did you know that the headliners are barely paid for their performances? Instead, their contracts generally call for a standard, union-scale wage that works out to a mere fraction of their typical performance revenue. The exposure offered by the Super Bowl’s global reach, however, often more than covers the difference, as halftime performers usually see a dramatic boost in their brands’ popularity in the weeks and months that follow the big game.

Scale Wages and Production Costs

According to various sources, Jennifer Lopez grosses about $2.2 million per performance, while Shakira sees about $1.6 million per performance. For Sunday’s halftime show—one that reached an estimated 100 million viewers worldwide—the women received virtually no money. Their contracts allowed them to be paid a union-scale wage for their time, but the wage is a tiny fraction of their usual revenues for their shows.

The NFL, however, does foot the bill for the halftime show’s production costs. If you saw the show this year, you know that it did not come cheap. Production expenses typically cost the league around $10 million each year. Essentially, the Super Bowl halftime show gives the performers a huge, free platform on which to advertise themselves and their respective brands.

A Trackable Boost

While the Super Bowl halftime gig might seem to be a bit of a financial letdown for acts that routinely gross well over seven figures per performance, there is usually a strong upside. Justin Timberlake, who performed during the 2018 Super Bowl, saw an increase of more than 200 percent in Spotify downloads within mere hours of his performance. Managers for Katy Perry, the 2015 halftime act, said that her opportunities for new gigs, endorsements, and movie deals doubled after her appearance at the big game. Perry’s boost was so strong that rumors began to circulate about the NFL possibly charging performers for the privilege of playing the halftime show. The rumors died quickly, however, and very little has been said about them since.

This year has already proved to be no exception. Jennifer Lopez’s Spotify streams jumped by about 335 percent and Shakira’s bumped by 230 percent within just a few hours. In fact, Shakira’s single “Whenever, Wherever” was the top-selling song on the day of the Super Bowl, with more than 4000 online sales—an increase of 1,194 percent over the previous day. While this might not sound particularly impressive, it is important to remember that “Whenever, Wherever” was originally released in 2001! With all of the talk on social media about the cultural impact and the message of this year’s performance, the Super Bowl boost is likely to continue for some time.

Speak With a Naperville Business Law Attorney

While you may never have the chance to advertise your business or your brand on a global stage such as the one associated with the Super Bowl, there may be other instances in which brand exposure is more important than direct compensation. An experienced DuPage County business lawyer can help you explore your available opportunities for expanding your company’s reach and growing your bottom line. Call 630-756-1160 for a confidential consultation at the Gierach Law Firm today.


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