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popular job, Naperville business law attorneyWhile it may not be the largest nation, the United States is arguably the most diverse country in the history of the world. Diversity, in this sense, refers to more than race, ethnicity, national origin, and sexual orientation. The United States, as it currently exists, is home to a wide variety of cultures, communities, and local customs. In fact, things can be so different between two areas—say, between Portland, Oregon, and Orlando, Florida—that it can be difficult to believe that they are both part of the same country.

As a business law attorney, I recognize that each region of the country has characteristics and strengths that set it apart from other areas. This was recently highlighted when a prominent media outlet examined the most disproportionately popular occupation in each of the 50 states.

A Look at the National Job Market

A team at Business Insider carefully went through employment records made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see what kind of jobs were most popular around the country. Certain occupations—including “retail store worker” which is the most common job in 40 individual states—are prevalent nearly everywhere, but the researchers went even deeper using a formula for determining the most disproportionately popular job in each state. The team compared the concentration of people in a particular occupation in a particular state compared to the national concentration of workers in that job nationwide.

For example, “fashion designer” is the most disproportionately popular job in New York, and the state is home to nearly 7,600 fashion designers. With almost 9.1 million people employed in the Empire State, fashion designers represent about 8.3 of every 10,000 New York jobs. In the U.S. as a whole, only 1.4 of every 10,000 workers is a fashion designer, putting New York at nearly six times the national average.

A Unique Perspective

In Illinois, the most disproportionately popular job is “rail worker,” likely due to the state’s high concentration of local, regional, and national rail lines. Other states have rather interesting top jobs as well, including:

  • Ambulance drivers in Pennsylvania;
  • Coatroom and locker room attendants in Missouri;
  • Atmospheric and space scientists in Colorado;
  • Lathe operators in Connecticut;
  • Political scientists in Maryland; and
  • Naval architects in Virginia.

The numbers, by and large, seem to be in line with popular industries and employment opportunities in each region of the country, but some are hardly predictable. Who would have guessed that the most disproportionately popular job in New Mexico is “physicist?”

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