Executives Targeted Over School Closures

Executives Targeted Over School ClosuresAccording to Medill News, school teachers and others that don’t want to have the schools closed are taking it to executives that are helping to cut funding and close these schools.

The TIFF budget that helps with improving roads and other infrastructure by not raising taxes in some of the community. This is not an easy choice for a lot of public departments including education. The reason for this is only a third of the funding from TIFF goes to the school systems. This means that the areas that have a tax lock are not paying to help the rest of the city and the school systems that are a part of that community.

By raising the taxes in one area of the community, and not the others, it makes the schooling systems unbalanced. There are several communities that don’t want to see their schools closed and are looking for a solution in the community. This is going to be the best thing to do if the schools can come to something in order to stay open.

Protesters did walk to the Hyatt Hotel because one of the owners is also on the school board and increased funding on certain projects that are important to the owner.

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