Facebook Kicks Off Its Inaugural Small Business Bootcamp

Facebook small business marketing, Illinois small business lawyer, attorneyEarlier this summer, Facebook commenced its first ever Facebook Fit Small Business Boot Camp. The purpose of the event is to provide small business owners with the tools necessary to use the social media website to grow and expand their customer base and web presence. Held in New York City, this event was the first time the company has decided to meet face-to-face with some of the 30 million businesses that use the website. Our small business law attorneys believe that the Facebook Fit program is a new and exciting resource that local small business owners should take advantage of.

If you haven’t already been using social media tools such as Facebook, you have been missing out. Facebook is a free resource that allows you to create and grow your small business’s online presence for free. By creating a Facebook page for your small business, you will be able to receive comments from existing customers, and also attract new potential clients. Using Facebook illustrates that your small business is in-line with the times, and it will also allow your small business to show up more frequently in results when people searches for the services that you provide using search engines such as Google.

The Facebook Fit Experience

The Facebook Fit program was created in response to user feedback and the success stories of entrepreneurs who have utilized the website in order to grow their businesses. In front of an audience of over 900 attendants, the event began with some of the success stories of entrepreneurs throughout the country who have benefited by the services provided by Facebook.

From there, Facebook’s director of small businesses discussed some of the new tools available for customers who need more customer access than what can be provided by the traditional business pages that Facebook provides. These tools included the new Lookalike tool, which helps connect small business marketers with previously undiscovered potential customers who possess similar characteristics as existing customers. The use of new algorithms like the Lookalike tool are an attempt to acknowledge the fact that over time a business’ Facebook page may inevitably hit a wall when it comes to connecting with new Facebook users. These new algorithms will streamline a small business’ ability to optimize the use of user feeds in order to attract new customers.

After the keynote address, participants were able to join breakout training sessions led by co-sponsors including QuickBooks and LegalZoom. Furthermore, the business planning guru for Facebook fit performed one-on-one consultations for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Pitch contests for new business ideas were also held with a prize of winning a free trip to visit the Facebook headquarters for a professional business makeover.

The Facebook Fit program will be travelling to five more cities this summer. On July 10th, it was held in Chicago, IL. If you have any other questions related to small business, contact the small business law attorneys here at the Gierach Law Firm in Naperville, Illinois.