Former Apple and Google Executive Speaks out on Digital Addiction

digital addiction, Naperville business lawyerTechnology is everywhere. It is heavily relied upon in various businesses and industries, but technology has also reached the individual level. Rarely can one walk down the street and not see people on their phones or other devices checking email or social media, texting friends, or playing a game. For many, their phone or tablet is the most important item in their possession. In fact, according to one study, Americans touch their cell phones an average of 2,617 times a day. Could this obsession with technology be problematic?

A new warning about addiction to technology has come from an unexpected source. Tony Fadell, Former Senior Vice President of the iPod division at Apple Inc. and past leader of the Google Glass division, is concerned by the growing problem of addiction to technology. Despite his leadership in some of the most influential tech companies in the world, Fadell believes that both consumers and technology companies need to do more to address technological addiction. He explains that “…we need both a digital connection with each other as well as an analog connection with people… sometimes the phones should be put away.”

Is Digital Technology Killing Productivity?

In a recent blog post, I discussed some of the ways that business owners can avoid productivity problems. Cell phones and other devices are another way in which businesses lose productivity. Research suggests that the average person receives between 30-40 text messages during a workday. Many individuals will not immediately read and respond to a text message at work, especially if it is not work-related, but unanswered messages can be distracting too. The Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance found that the rate of mistakes cell phone users make after hearing or feeling an alert on their phone was about the same as if the users had actually answered the text message or call.

If you are a business owner, the issues caused by digital addiction are something to be aware of. Most employers do not outright ban the use of personal electronic devices like a cell phone, but helping employees understand the ways in which their phones may be affecting their productivity can be beneficial to them personally and the business overall.

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