Guerrilla Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

small business campaign, small business marketing, Gierach Law Firm, guerilla marketing campaign, guerilla marketing, small business, brand awareness, Naperville small business law attorneys, Guerilla marketing a is business strategy that uses non-traditional low-cost means in order to draw attention to a product, idea or service. In the past, guerilla marketing tools included flyer postings, graffiti, and sticker/ad bombings. However, in today’s digital age, guerilla marketing techniques have expanded to the use of social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, in order to popularize a business’s ideas, goods, services or products. Oftentimes, such newer guerilla marketing techniques take the form of viral marketing campaigns, flash mobs, and Internet digital marketing campaigns.

The primary goal of guerrilla marketing is to get the message out without spending too much money. This goal is significant because it allows guerilla marketing to be an exceptional tool for small businesses. Furthermore, the effectiveness of guerrilla marketing has increased through the spread of the Internet and the fact that consumers are always connected via their smartphones, laptops and tablets. In fact, it is estimated that around 65 percent of the consumer market owns at least one smartphone. Businesses throughout the country are taking note of this and it is estimated that many business budgets throughout the country have risen by 5 percent in order to provide funds for the launching of guerilla campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing Basics

When developing a guerilla marketing campaign, there are three elements that must converge together in order for it to be a success. Brand awareness, consumer focus, and the specific marketing campaign must all be in alignment so that your guerilla campaign will have a maximum effect. Even if you are able to create a great campaign that reaches your ideal consumer, it will not matter if your brand message has been lost and/or is not clear.

Similarly, if you are able to catch the attention of your consumer and create awareness about your business’s brand, if that campaign is not clear, your consumer may not understand what services you are offering nor why he or she should become a client or purchase your goods and services. Or, if you have successfully commenced an attention-grabbing stunt that reaches a wide assortment of potential consumers, none of this will matter if brand awareness has not been achieved.

However, if all three of the crucial elements of guerilla marketing converge, your efforts will be more effective than guerilla marketing campaigns of the past. Social media can be used with these guerilla marketing campaigns so that your campaign can reach thousands of potential consumers, who can then share the campaign with other potential consumer with just the click of a “like” icon. Furthermore, given the rise of big data metrics analytics, you will have the opportunity to track the spread of your guerilla marketing campaign in order to see which consumers are talking about your campaign on social media.

Guerilla marketing campaigns are a great and cost-efficient way to get the word out about your small business. However, in order for the campaign to be a success, you will need to make sure that all of the crucial elements, such as brand awareness, the marketing campaign and consumer focus, are aligned. Contact the Naperville small business law attorneys at the Gierach Law Firm for any of the small business legal assistance that you require, and to discuss how to get the word out about your business.