Guidelines to Follow with your Business Blog

Guidelines to Follow with your Business BlogThe internet has become a business’s best friend and worst enemy.  The major benefit is that it is an easy way to reach millions of people.  Thus making the internet an easy way to advertise a business’s goods and services.

Each year, more businesses turn to blogs in order to cheaply and effectively promote what they offer to customers.  But there are certain guidelines that should be followed to avoid litigation which can be both costly and time-consuming.

1. Do not Overpromise

Advertising your business is an opportunity to reach out to new customers.  Speaking hyperbolically is expected when you speak of your own company, such as your employees are the nicest people in town.  Yet, it is important to avoid being too specific or guaranteeing unreachable results.

2. Do not Knock your Competition

Disparaging what products or services your competition offers can be a legal grey area.  While it can fit the conversational aspects of a blog, it can show your own company in an unprofessional light.  It is important to limit your conversation to what you know best, your own business.

3. Tell the Truth about Your Business

Advertising is a true benefit of having a blog, but it is heavily regulated by the Federal Trade Commission Act.  Make sure the information which is shared on your blog is clear and the truth.  Truth is meant to be something that can be substantiated by evidence.

4. Avoid Copyright Infringement

The easiest way to into trouble with your blog is to use someone else’s work as your own.  Copyright is given as soon as work is created, unlike patents and trademarks.  If you plan on reusing someone else’s work, then it is necessary to request permission before you do so.

Following these guidelines will limit legal action that can be taken against your company.  It will also free your mind to focus on more important things like running your business.  If you ever do have need for legal counsel, contact an experienced business law attorney in DuPage County.