How do I get my small business to stand out on Facebook?

How do I get my small business to stand out on FacebookSome businesses seem to have mastered the concept of advertising on Facebook. No matter what you’re doing; scrolling through your news feed, playing Farmville, looking at pictures of your relatives, you see their advertisements everywhere. A recent More magazine article has shared the secret of their success: consistency, quality content, and interaction.


It’s pretty obvious that there’s no way to successfully increase business by posting a couple links here and there on Facebook every few days. It will take a lot of time and effort, but you must be consistently active. This can have different meanings for different people-you could work at it every day, every other day, the options are endless. Bottom line, you need to develop some sort of regular schedule, as it will make things easier for your friends/family/followers.

Quality Content

No matter how you are making an effort to build your business on Facebook, whether it be a Fan Page or your own personal profile page, it is important to post quality content that your friends/fans/followers will find interesting. There are various ways of doing this, depending on the kind of business you’re trying to expand. For example a Realtor could post a few interesting facts a week about the city they serve, an accountant could post weekly math jokes, and many businesses go with the old “quote of the day.” Be creative and hey, have fun with it.


The most important, and most often failed, part of using Facebook to build a business is the interaction factor. Forgetting that Facebook is a social network, some people solely focus on “selling stuff” to people. The secret to Facebook business campaign success is realizing that you aren’t trying to just find new clients, but that you’re building relationships, which could eventually, down the road, lead to some business.

It is essential to remember that your Facebook campaign is not about you personally, but on interacting with others and building good relationships. Give advice when there are opportunities to, offer words of encouragement, anything to create goodwill…which usually has a way of multiplying and coming back to you.

Building a small business is a tricky task, with many things to worry about and consider. If you have any questions along the way, don’t be afraid to get in touch with an experienced Illinois business lawyer who can assist you as needed.