Illinois and climate change

President Barack Obama emphasizes advancing climate change and clean energy solutions as a second-term priority. Chicago and the rest of Illinois are ahead of the game with great progress on positive climate change solutions with clean technologies that are great for job creation and economic growth.

Energy efficiency is the best, fastest and cheapest solution to climate change problems.

Illinois and climate change

Illinois’s Energy Efficiency Performance Standards drive $500 million in incentives which leverages large-scale HVAC and lighting upgrades and new efficiency strategies.

Saving energy also saves consumers money. Less pollution means better public health and cleaner lakes for everyone.

Coal plants create huge carbon pollution. Chicago has shut down the old Fisk and Crawford coal plants and the city’s new electricity supply procurement requires no coal.

Because of this, more Chicago-area municipalities may replicate the no coal electricity and businesses that tout sustainability should “buy green, not brown” power.

Wind and solar energy development have been driving manufacturing and technical jobs, which creates pollution-free energy and economic growth. Illinois is ranked number four for wind-power generation and is home to 300 wind and solar supply-chain businesses, along with 18,000 related jobs. Chicago, alone, has 13 wind-power corporate headquarters and hosts the American Wind Energy Association’s annual convention.

Cleaner and more efficient cars save people money at the gas pump, reduce carbon pollution and improve national security by cutting foreign oil imports. The federal clean car standards require an average of 35 mpg in 2016 and 54.5 mpg by 2025.

High-speed rail development, as well, will improve mobility across Illinois and Michigan, along with reducing carbon pollution, creating more jobs, and spur economic growth. There are currently 460 Midwest rail equipment supply-chain businesses, including one that assembles 130 new rail cars in Rochelle.

If you are considering starting up your own business in the Midwest, especially in Illinois, look into green energy to improve the environment and economy and keep up with current Chicago businesses. If you have any questions about your business, contact a business attorney in Naperville, Ill. today. Attorneys at the Gierach Law Firm are here to help you.