Illinois Business Facing Lawsuit

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a federal judge has ruled in favor of former Illinois employee Steven Whitlow and the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission in their suit against a subsidiary of BASF Corp. Their complaint alleges that Whitlow was illegally fired from his job at a Kankakee, IL worksite in 2007 following his refusal to sign an agreement that forfeited his right to file a discrimination Illinois Business Facing Lawsuitsuccessfully operate. In order to avoid such disputes, business owners should retain business attorneys who are experienced in counseling clients on routine employment matters, including employment agreements and contracts, and the hiring and firing of employees. Had the employer in this report been properly advised by a qualified business lawyer, it might never have found itself in the midst of hotly contested litigation some five years after the incident occurred.

All businesses who employ workers face employment issues and disputes at one time or another. From ensuring that you are complying with state and federal tax requirements to dealing with the discharge or layoff of employees, a qualified business lawyer will guide you through all aspects of business-related employment issues. Call your Chicago area business attorney today to begin learning about the steps that you can take to avoid employment-related disputes.