Illinois business leaders backing Obama and same-sex marriage

Illinois business leaders backing Obama and same-sex marriageA league of gay marriage advocates recently released a letter that was signed by the top Illinois executives and companies that endorses same-sex marriage as an economic imperative. This letter will give a strong push to a bill that the Illinois state lawmakers for a new law.

Some of the signatories include Google, which recently announced this year that it was moving it’s Motorola Mobility unit downtown; Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto; The PrivateBank and trust Co. Chairman Norman Bobins; and online daily pioneer Groupon.

President Barack Obama recently signaled his support and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his top corporate adviser, Michael Sacks, are some of the many people that asked the CEOs to sign the letter. Emmanuel said that he will also be asking legislators.

Emmanuel shared that he had already called almost a dozen CEOs. “Everybody is a personal ‘yes.’ Some are a ‘yes,’ and don’t worry about it. Others are a ‘yes,’ but they have to go check (the letter), and run it up and down their boards because they work for publicly traded companies…They have some internal work to do to get to a ‘yes,’” Emmanuel said.

Many think that the most important corporate supporter is Fred Eychaner, the Chicago media mogul and arts champion who, may be, the primary funder for the public relations campaign, managed by ASGK Public Strategies.

Eychaner has appeared to be the largest Democratic donor for the 2012 election, after giving $14 million, according to The New York Times. He is also openly gay. Another funder of the gay marriage effort is Laura Rickets, also openly gay and a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, who had set a goal of raising $1 million for Obama in 2012.

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