Illinois plans to close 7 more unemployment offices

Illinois plans to close 7 more unemployment officesThe Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) is planning to cut 192 jobs, along with seven additional unemployment offices across the state, including the one in East St. Louis.

IDES director Jay Rowell said in a statement that federal budget reductions along with a decrease of unemployment claims are to blame for the office closures. The offices are expected to close in mid-March.

The offices that will be closed are in Centralia, DeKalb, East St. Louis, Galesburg, Jacksonville, Mattoon and Murphysboro. It was also reported that positions at other offices will also be impacted by the reductions.

Rowell also said in a statement that, “This difficult decision reflects smaller federal discretionary spending and undoubtedly is unwelcome in many corners of our state.”

With federal funding tied, partially due to the unemployment insurance claim volume, IDES has been left with no options because is it nearly 100 percent federal funded. Claim volumes are expected to fall due to the improving economy, which is expected to reduce funding by about $11 million and another $7 million reduction is still expected even though Congress reauthorized the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, said state officials. They also added that additional funding reductions may come as a result of congressional decisions associated with the so-called fiscal cliff, as well.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has already begun to consolidate offices to save money. So far, 10 have been consolidated by IDES, along with having vacated 10 shared outpost locations and stopping the scheduling of 216 intermittent employees. Of the 10 vacated IDES offices, five of them were in Chicago and the other five were in the areas of Evanston, Freeport, Litchfield, Mount Vernon and Pekin.

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