Illinois Police Unveil Official Gun Ban Signage for Businesses

Businesses take note: last Friday, the Illinois State Police unveiled the official “no guns allowed” signage that certain Illinois small businesses will be required to post as part of the state’s new concealed carry law.

Illinois Police Unveil Official Gun Ban Signage for BusinessesAccording to the measures passed by the Chicago City Council, any Illinois business building, property, or parking area that serves alcohol on the premises must display the signage, as long as alcohol sales made up more than 50% of the establishment’s receipts for the previous 3 months. Additionally, any business that has a Special Event Retailer’s license or a Special use permit license must also display the sign. Any business that falls into these categories and fails to display the sign properly will be subject to very strict penalties and fines.

According to the Illinois State Police website, these signs must be displayed clearly and conspicuously at the entrance of the building, property, or premises. Additionally, the sign must be displayed in color, with the handgun in black ink, and the circle with diagonal slash in red. The black border surrounding the sign must measure four inches from top to bottom and six inches from left to right in order for the sign to be considered valid.

Though the Firearm Concealed Carry Act became official and took effect July 9, 2013, the Illinois State Police will not make concealed carry applications available to the public until January 5, 2014.

If you have questions or concerns about whether your small business will need to display the new concealed carry signage, or if you have any other legal concerns for your business, contact an experienced Illinois small business legal professional right away and get the answers you need.