Illinois ranked fifth in attracting businesses

Illinois ranked fifth in attracting businessesIn 2012, Texas topped all other American states when it came to business expansion, but Illinois, which frequently is criticized for its poor business climates, was ranked at number five among all 50 states.

That number is from the Site Selection magazine, which compiles a list every year of corporate projects throughout the entire country.

The Lone Star State’s 761 project finish for 2012 is an increase from its second place finish in 2011, with just 464 projects.

Ohio won in 2011 but was ranked at number two after Texas in 2012. Pennsylvania had 430 projects, Michigan had 337 projects and Illinois had 322 projects to round out the top five 2012 states for corporate expansion.

The magazine’s new plant database mostly focuses on new corporate facility projects that will have significant impact on the surrounding areas. It does not track retail or government projects or school expansions or hospital expansions.

The top metro areas for newly expanded corporate facilities for 2012 were led by Houston, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and Sioux City, South Dakota.

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