Illinois Tollway plans assistance of small businesses

As the economy is building itself back up, small businesses must do what they can across the country to stay afloat and fight larger companies for the new rush of consumers that are no longer afraid to spend.

Illinois Tollway plans assistance of small businessesThe Illinois Tollway Board of Directors recently decided to help these small businesses by approving an opportunity for these businesses to participate in a new program called The Illinois Tollway Driving the Future. This is a $12 billion capital, 15-year-long program.

This new program “defines small businesses as those with gross revenues of $10 million or less annually,” according to the Midwest Edition of the Construction Equipment Guide. These businesses also have to be registered in Illinois’s “Small Business Set Aside Program and may need to be prequalified by the Illinois Department of Transportation.”

“The Illinois Tollway is providing a great boost for small firms looking for a chance to grow and succeed in the construction industry. The success of small businesses strengthens our state’s economy and creates good-paying jobs for Illinois residents,” said Gov. Pat Quinn about the project.

The program, as well, has set goals for the construction contracts that it will sign such as certified minority- and women-owned businesses. The project began this May.

Illinois is trying hard to be equal in job-opportunity for small businesses with all minorities having an equal chance as well with this new Tollway construction project and it looks promising. If you have had a more negative impact, though, within your small business experience such as business contracts, buying or selling a business, business tax planning or partnership shareholders disputes contact a small business attorney. Located in Naperville, Ill., attorneys at the Gierach Law Firm will help you with your small business troubles today.


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