Naperville Business Attorney Highlights the Importance of Strong Service Contracts

service contract, Naperville contract lawyer, contract attorney napervilleWhen you founded or purchased your business, you probably did so with the expectation of providing specific goods and services to your customers in a manner that proved to be profitable and satisfying. In my Naperville business law practice, virtually every one of my business-owner clients began with that same mindset.

There are some aspects to owning and running a company that seem to distract from the business’s primary goal, many of which may seem tedious, time-consuming, and a relative waste of resources. For example, if your company manufactures and sells paper products, it may not seem worthwhile to task your employees with landscaping maintenance or snow removal outside your facility. Instead, you will probably find an outside company willing to take on such responsibilities. To formalize the arrangement, a service contract is usually necessary, and a contract lawyer can help you draft a document that meets your needs.

Necessary Elements of a Service Contract

Before anybody signs anything, you must first consider what you need your service contract to include. Specifically, you must decide the exact services you expect to be provided, how often they are to be provided, and expected quality of the work. You must also clarify your own obligations: how much you will pay for each service, how frequently you will make payments, and the manner in which you will provide access to your property for the service to be completed. Obviously, determining the specifics of a service contract often require negotiation between you and the service provider, but once an agreement has been reached, it is important to get it in writing.


In addition to the service and payment expectations, your service contract should also include provisions on how it is to be enforced. For example, you may decide that all disputes must be handled through arbitration, or you may include an agreeable resolution process of your own. Similarly, your contract may stipulate ways in which the contractual obligations are automatically terminated, either at the end of a set period of time or other specified event, such as the completion of assigned responsibilities.

Clear and Voluntary

Among the most important factors of any service contract is that the construction and the language of the document should be free from confusion. A Naperville contract attorney can help you develop a contract that can be clearly understood by both parties, leaving no room for doubt as to each party’s rights and responsibilities.

Lastly, the contract must be entered voluntarily. A contract signed under duress is not only legally unenforceable, it is also unlikely to produce the intended results. A contractor who feels forced into signing an agreement is not likely to be enthusiastic about the success of your business relationship. By including both parties’ input and respecting the other side’s position, you will be able to develop a strong, workable service contract to meet your business needs.

Help from a Contract Attorney in Naperville

If you are considering outsourcing responsibilities associated with your business, an experienced Naperville business attorney can help you develop the necessary proposals and contracts. Contact the Gierach Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable contract lawyers and find out how we are equipped to assist you in growing your company.