Inexpensive Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

online marketing for small businesses social media marketing Small business owners in Illinois have it tough. The cost of operating in this state are high, and are more easily absorbed by large corporations. However, there are a few ways in which small businesses can facilitate progress without breaking the bank. In fact here at the Gierach Law Firm we have compiled a list of relevant small business marketing tools that can get the message out about the services and products provided by your company.

 Create a Website

An online presence is crucial for spreading awareness of your business. However, not all small business websites are created equally.

The best way to use a website to attract new clients involves the use of SEO- (search engine optimization) friendly keywords. SEO keywords are those words contained within a website which have the ability to trigger a match for the terms most often sought in search engines such as Google.

Through the use of programs such as Google Analytics, you can find the most used search terms for your particular type of business. Inclusion of these terms on your website has the ability to make it so that your website shows up when users search online for the particular services and products you provide.

 Establish a Social Media Presence

There is currently an argument raging regarding the effectiveness of social media as a viable marketing tool for small businesses.

On the one end, social media profiles, such as Twitter and Facebook, are free to create and can instantly connect a business to a variety of potential customers. However, some wonder about the effectiveness of social media websites in their ability to actual bring new customers into the door.

Thus, creating a social media profile is undoubtedly a good marketing tool if your goal is simply to create a larger internet presence for your small business without expending significant time and resources.

 Create an Online Newsletter for Existing Customers

Creating an internet newsletter for your existing customers is a great way to customize a customer’s experience, while also making sure that they don’t forget about your business and the services/products that you provide. By using the email addresses of already existing customers, you can provide up to date information regarding your business and new services offered, as well as deals that are only available for existing customers.

However, make sure to not overdo it when it comes to sending your customers emails. The more you send, the more likely that the message you are trying to communicate is diluted by your customers’ perception that you are sending spam, as opposed to relevant and interesting information about your small business.

 Small businesses have the ability to use technology to their advantage, without expending significant resources in the process. Create a website, online newsletter, and social media profiles in order to enhance your businesses’ image and online presence. Contact the small business attorneys here at The Gierach Law Firm in Naperville, Illinois for all of your small business law needs.