Lawsuit Over Lottery Winnings

Employees of Pita Pan, a Chicago Heights bakery, won a $118 million Mega Millions jackpot from a May 4, 2012 drawing. There are twelve employees who plan to share the winnings, but there are other Pita Pan employees who claim that they too have equal rights to the jackpot. So far four employees are claiming that they are entitled to a portion of the jackpot:  Jose L. Franco, Marco Medina, J. Santos Bello and Nikko Chamopoulos. All four filed lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court.Lawsuit Over Lottery Winnings

According to the Chicago Tribune, the lawsuits claim that the May 9th winning ticket was purchased by the employee lottery pool. The lawsuit states all twelve employees plus the four plaintiffs threw in money for the May 1, 2012 that won nine dollars, and that the nine dollars was used to purchase the May 4th ticket. The twelve employees are claiming that Franco, Medina, Bello, and Chamopoulos are not entitled to any of the $118 million. The twelve employees are excluding the four plaintiffs from sharing the winnings because those four employees did not add additional money for the May 4th ticket purchase.

The plaintiffs are arguing that they are entitled to a share of the winnings because they contributed money to the May 1, 2012 ticket and the proceeds from that ticket were used for the May 4, 2012 ticket. The lawsuits requests that the money not be distributed until the Court determines whether they have a right to the money as well.

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